Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgSam Stein in the Huffington Post reported today that the Republican National Committee has released a mailer in NC attacking Barack Obama on his opposition as state senator to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
And it’s perfect…

mailer 1.jpg
mailer 2.jpg
Love the headline reporting on the mailer…
Yes, liberals are crying hyperbolic foul, like Scott Swenson at RH Reality Check:

The Republican National Committee has sent a mailer using the repeatedly debunked accusations that Sen. Barack Obama supports infanticide.

First, where does the mailer say “Barack Obama supports infanticide”?
And “debunked”? Let’s go through the mailer.
First, view the pdf of the testimony I submitted to the IL State Senate Health & Human Services Committee in March 2003. Here’s the relevant cut:
testimony jill.jpg
And yes, Barack Obama was the “committee chairman.”
And yes, Obama “defeated the bill with his fellow Democrats in a 6-4 party line vote.”
And yes, “the United States Senate passed a virtually identical bill by a vote of 98-0” and “not a single liberal voted against it.”
Finally, yes, “That’s right, even abortion rights activists like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton voted for Born-Alive Infant Protection that Barack Obama opposed.”
Scott, HuffPo, retractions are in order, although I’m not holding my breath. That said, I loved Scott’s close:
scott swenson.jpg
There’s also a robocall going out in NC co-sponsored by McCain and the RNC that liberal blog TPM complained “dishonesty paints him as indifferent to the lives of babies.”
Actually, “indifferent” would indeed be a dishonest portrayal of Obama’s actions against abortion survivors.
Actually, he was ruthless.

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