The new poll question is up:

Currently there are 615 Catholic hospitals in the U.S., 1 of every 9. They employ 725k workers and serve 5.5 million overnight patients annually.
Do you think the Bishops should follow through with their threat to close these hospitals if the Obama administration or Democrat-controlled Congress tries to force them to commit abortion or distribute the morning after pill?
You can select 2 answers – 1 for the aforementioned (answers 1-3) and 1 for who you think will blink (answers 4&5).

Here were the answers to last week’s question…

11-15 slide 1.JPG
Click on the maps below to get a better view of your own brightly colored flag. Not sure whether we got International votes just because they thought it would be fun to vote or if they were actually foreign nationals…
11-15 slide 2.JPG
poll 11-15 slide 3.JPG
As always, make comments to either this or last week’s poll here, not on the Vizu website.

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