Notice anything missing from this ad the Dubuque Planned Parenthood ran for 3 days the end of November in the Telegraph Herald? It’s called “Let’s Set the Record Straight.” RIght. Click to enlarge:
PP Dubuque.jpg
Well, Dubuque PP would have really set the record straight if it acknowledged it refers for abortion. According to a press release by Dubuque Co. Right to Life

Planned Parenthood has previously admitted that they are offering abortion referrals out of their Dubuque Health Center….
If Planned Parenthood truly wants to set the record straight, they should be honest with the community and list all the services that they are offering. If they are not ashamed of what they do, they should have no problem promoting it in their advertising.

Indeed, a link on the Dubuque PP website shows this:
Dubuque PP slide 1.JPG
Why hide abortion under a rock?

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