I received this press release today:

The United States Coalition for Life announced today it is opening up its vast pro-life archives to the public.
Established in 1972, the PA-based USCL is the oldest pro-life research organization in the United States. Its research files span more than 35 years and cover all areas of pro-life concerns, which includes population control, abortion, contraception, eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia, vital organ transplantation, homosexuality, classroom sex instruction, and fetal experimentation….

I’m a relative newbie in the pro-life activist world. Have only been involved for 9 years. So I’d never heard of USCL. But I nosed around its archives and found interesting stuff, like this rude flyer from Planned Parenthood circa 1970s…

so you boy slide 1.JPG
so you boy slide 2.JPG
And wasn’t liberal feminism live and well in the 70s? This is awfully sexist.

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