New Stanek WND column, “5 groups profit from Mexico City policy repeal”


In 2003, two years after President George Bush reinstated the Mexico City Policy (referred to by abortion proponents as the “global gag rule”), which denies U.S. funds to international groups that commit or promote abortion, the BBC reported the following:
Hundreds of women’s health organisations in the poorest nations of the world – places where maternal mortality and infant death are high – faced a tough choice. Either sign the gag rule and be silenced on abortion, or refuse and lose millions of dollars in US aid.
Most refused to sign. As a result, thousands of family planning clinics across the developing world have closed their doors, making access to vital contraceptives hard to come by.

In reality, only five of 457 organizations declined U.S. Agency for International Development family planning assistance in protest over the Mexico City Policy in 2001.
They were…

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  1. instead of forcing contraceptives on these poor developing countries, why don’t they work for improving conditions so the maternal and infant mortality rates go DOWN. Oh wait, they don’t want these women having babies, they want them to use birth control because they actually believe the world is OVERPOPULATED…..
    Funny how pro choicers say “its our body, our choice” and then turn around and these “family planning” groups FORCE women to use contraceptives….when they don’t need them.

  2. Evidently ‘family planning’ and planning to have a family are not the same thing.
    For example if you offerred ‘financial planning’ services one would expect your assistance would be focused on your clients accumulating as much wealth as possible.
    (Slapping head.) Whoaaaaa nelly! Re-boot. Accessing incorrect operating system. No rational intelligence allowed.
    Feelings and emotion are only acceptable method for arriving at an opinion.
    yor bro ken

  3. Just curious. You mentioned in your column that “Marie Stopes is involved in coerced abortion and sterilization in China. And it has been pushing medical abortion kits particularly in rural areas “because safe services are beyond [women’s] reach.”
    Can you give me more information about what you mean by “medical abortion kits”?

  4. Hi Anton,
    It’s a kit containing a drug to kill the baby (here in the US they use RU-486, but Stopes has been using methotrexate in some or all of its kits because RU-486 is not yet legal in many parts of the world) and a drug to expel the baby (misoprostol, i.e., Cytotec).
    See the kit in Marie Stopes 2006-07 annual report (page 2):
    Read more about it here:

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