The White House has made it no secret pro-abortion KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is in the running for HHS Secretary.
tiller sebelius.jpgSebelius is closely linked to Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller, trying to clog any prosecutorial wheels of justice against him and even hosting a secret soirée in his honor at the mansion.
Sebelius has committed many more anti-life dastardly deeds, which Operation Rescue has extensively chronicled here, including orders from her Catholic bishop to walk on by the Eucharist without partaking.
Now comes this tidbit from CBN News:

A senior Obama administration official [says]… concerns voiced by pro-life groups about… Sebelius have come up in high level White House discussions but it has not disqualified her from the job….

The discussion inside the White House centers on whether Sebelius’s stellar record as public servant trumps the controversy that could arise over Tiller….
If Sebelius is nominated, a Senate GOP Aide up on the Hill tells The Brody File the following:
“Her nomination would raise serious concerns because her extremist pro-abortion views are so far outside of the American mainstream.”
The Obama administration is going to have to make a calculation as to whether the positive attributes of Sebelius outweigh a potential eruption over abortion. I mean look…everybody knows the Obama administration is going to nominate a pro-choice HHS Secretary. That’s a no brainer. But if they go with Sebelius will her past record become a major distraction or just a blip on the radar? Would they rather save the potential fight over abortion for a Supreme Court Nominee? Tough choice considering Sebelius seems like the perfect fit for the Obama administration.

Of course the WH isn’t concerned with Sebelius’ actual pro-abortion views and actions, just the public price to pay if they are aired. Congratulations to Phill Kline, Troy Newman, and Cheryl Sullenger for pro-life jobs well done.

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