by Carder
From BBC News, February 18:

This week, the Optimum Population Trust… launched its “Stop at Two” online pledge to encourage couples to limit their family’s size.


Parents who have more than two children are “irresponsible” for placing an intolerable burden on resources and increasing damage to eco-systems.
Curbing population growth through contraception must play a role in fighting global warming, argues Jonathon Porritt, the leading green campaigner.
Porritt is not advocating a compulsory limit but told the BBC couples should “connect up their concerns with the natural environment with their decisions as prospective parents… every additional human being is increasing the burden on this planet which is becoming increasingly intolerable.”

Contraception is not the only mechanism to implement Porritt’s final solution. Earlier this month he stressed “contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming.”
China Phase Two?…

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A perusal of OPT’s blog finds study after study, important person after important person bemoaning the environmental holocaust we nasty humans have perpetuated.
And yet, we have noted Japan’s underpopulation dilemma. Russia has also made attempts to increase their fertility rates.
One British commenter had this brilliant summary in response to Porritt’s pontifications:

I have three children. I feel it is my duty to attempt to repopulate the World with intelligent individuals in an attempt to offset Mr Porritt’s stupidity. Idiocy-offsetting, kind of like carbon offsetting, just a little more immediate.

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