Sycloria’s story of aborting her baby alive

I’ve written many times about the murder at an abortion mill in Hialeah, FL, of an abortion survivor in July 2006.
Now the baby’s mother, Sycloria Williams, has told her story to Florida Catholic.
Read Sycloria’s story in its entirety at Florida Catholic.
[Photo of Sycloria courtesy of Florida Catholic]

28 thoughts on “Sycloria’s story of aborting her baby alive”

  1. This is tragic. Abortionists have certainly sold their souls…it’s the only way anyone could be so evil. Lies, murder, and heartache..what a noble profession!!!!

  2. There are so many things I would like to comment on in this article. I just can’t yet.
    I can only say this:
    Anyone who has direct contact with this young lady, needs to encourage her to seek counseling. It’s never technically too late is likely that she will already suffer from severe PTSD from being swept away with interviews, police reports, attorneys and media, instead of grieving privately and with professional assistance to “walk her through this.”
    She has been and will be forever in my daily prayers.
    God bless her and her precious daughter.

  3. Dear Sycloria,
    Please know that I thank you so much for telling your story to ‘Florida Catholic’, an outfit that can be trusted to relay the truth to us.
    This photo of you, courtesy of FC, shows us you are gorgeous, dear lady. In addition to praying for you, I want to assist you in other areas. You’ll be able to reach me through Jill Stanek.
    You are loved loved loved.

  4. I am praying for Sycloria. She needs people to love her and be there for her.
    I don’t really understand your question. Please help me.

  5. I guess I should have phrased the question as “how can we live in a society that desensitized mother’s to their own children?”
    I know she was in shock, but she went to get her abortion at 22 weeks, and watched her child die on the floor, and let the doctor’s take her away. How did our society get to the point where things like this happen?
    I hope she gets the help she needs, but more importantly I hope that her story helps to prevent other women from doing this.

  6. I don’t believe the word “child” is ever mentioned. The lies begin the minute you walk through the abortion mill doors. The flat out lies of a bunch of cells or the lies of omission. NOT telling about fetal development, a painful procedure or ANY risk at all. Just get on with your life…..
    I know it is hard to fathom but it seems that to some life is disposable. Sycloria now knows different.
    My heart just breaks for what her and her daughter went through.

  7. This is horrible what this beautiful young woman experienced. I will pray for her. She had the right to know that she was carrying a baby, her baby. The emotional scarring, the inhumane treatment to her and her baby, Shanice. God help this world, nation, the post-abortive women and all the baby girls and boys who are ripped from their mothers wombs. Instead of the womb being the safest, most loving place it has now become the most dangerous and torturous place for the most innocent, most vulnerable of human beings, babies. I can imagine hearing the hissing sound of this baby girl struggling to breathe, clinging to the last vestiges of life, her tiny lungs trying to open, to function. To those who think I am being too dramatic, I have worked in healthcare and seen babies struggling to breathe and also held the hands of women as they miscarried, crying with them as they struggled to keep a baby in their womb that was coming to soon. I heard a pro-life OB/GYN call it the “tabernacle of the womb, the holiest, most sacred place on earth”. If God does not judge our schizoprenic murderous nation he will have to apologize to all the nations that practiced infant sacrifice, burning babies on altars to their gods. Today we sacrifice babies on the altar of “a woman’s right to choose” and the altar of convenience. If we want a baby it is a miracle, a gift, we are given permission to call him or her a “baby”, if we don’t want a baby it is a product of conception, a blob of tissue, a fetus. God help us. Rest in peace Shanice and the millions of other babies like you.

  8. Thanks for speaking up, Angele.
    I listened to your interview on HotAir last month. Are you still in touch with Manuel? Did you have any say over the script, casting, etc?

  9. Hey Carder,
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Angel and I met in DC at the premiere, with Jill!
    It was a very healing and wonderful experience.
    I missed all the interviews myself and am not sure that I would really WANT to listen to them..ha ha.
    To answer your last question, no. The entire script had been written and the movie had been filmed months before I even knew it existed.
    I finally received a copy of it and, it changed my feelings about having my biggest mistake and worst nightmare being made into a movie…it’s actually pretty good.
    Especially when you consider, all of the actors are unknown, it was the director’s first film and had a small budget consisting of only donations.
    As a matter of fact, it is excellent.
    I felt that it would impact some of it’s viewers and that it may save a life somewhere along the way.
    I prayed and prayed and prayed even more…and decided that I could withstand all judgement and ridicule…support the movie and honor women and children by supporting Angel and 22weeks.
    Then, I spoke with Jill, and somehow, it all came together…Jill and Troy Newman, co-sponsored the DC premiere.
    Other than it being somewhat emotionally exhausting, I wouldn’t take anything for having the opportunity to share our pain, in order to spare someone else our experience.
    I honestly believe that it will.
    For this, for Angel, and for Jill…I am officially grateful! :)
    Thanks for asking…that was very kind and caring of you Carder.

  10. hey…let me tell all of you that when i was uber nervous and crying from having to answer very painful questions to the audience…guess who was there to LOVE me through it?
    my dear precious Carla!!!!
    couldn’t have stayed strong with out you girl!!!

  11. So just what exactly is the answer here?
    This girl/woman was 23 weeks pregnant…and unaware of how far developed the child was.
    HOW does this happen in the year 2009 in the richest country on the planet ?
    HOW do people like Gonzales even manage to run an establishment like that without getting busted?
    I read stories like this and am completely dumbfounded at all of it. I realize that the abortion industry is the golden child of liberals, but how much longer can this go on ?
    It is truly frightening that we as a nation have allowed ourselves to sink to this low and have no regard for life in the womb, as well as a PRESIDENT who sees nothing wrong with the entire scenario of this case.
    It’s all just completely depraved and abhorrent.

  12. Mike: Many women are denied full knowledge of their baby’s development by the Culture of Death’s minions: abortionists and their workers and their supporters.
    On another pro life site, there was an adoptive mother who adopted the baby of a 13 year old girl who had been raped. The birth mother was told when she was 20 weeks along that the baby was a just a blob of tissue. Luckily for her baby, they could not afford the outrageous $ the abortionist wanted for a late term abortion and they were able to find the adoptive mother and other people to help them during the rest of the girl’s pregnancy.
    If Sycloria had an ultrasound prior to the abortion (which they most likely did), the screen was more than likely turned away from her so she could not see her fully-developed-and-just-in-need-of-time-to-grow baby.

  13. We are morally bankrupt as a country. I doubt that Obama has ever really SEEN what abortion is or what it does to a growing baby. He can only live with himself by sticking to “it’s a woman’s right to choose.”
    Abortion clinic workers are trained to prey on a girls age, her lack of resources, her desperation. They say whatever they can to “sell” the abortion. They do not say the word baby. They say cells, tissue, blob, termination of pregnancy. Abortion is presented as RISK FREE. The promise of a problem solved is attractive to one who is alone, frightened and pregnant.

  14. I am usually pro-abortion, but after visiting this site and reading the accounts of live-abortions, I am horrified.
    Zipping a live human into a bio-hazard bag and throwing it into the trash sounds suspiciously like murder to my untrained ears.

  15. I am horrified as well, Rob. I applaud you for coming here, reading, and watching!! Have you seen the movie 22 Weeks yet? I am praying that your conscience will not allow you to stay silent.

  16. Rob, forgive my suspicions, but pro choice people don’t usually describe themselves as “pro abortion.” How committed have you been to a woman’s right to choose over the years?

  17. Rob~ There is a whole bunch more things you should read about on this blog. Like sex selection, how abortions are proformed & some pretty bad abortion doctors. Just to name a few.

  18. sounds a little like the liberal callers to right wing radio who start off saying they’re “lifelong conservative republicans” and then trash McCain or some other republican. Rob says he’s “pro abortion” but offended by this story. That’s fine. There’s plenty to be critical of. I was just surprised he said he was “Pro abortion.” That’s a term of the pro life movement mostly.

  19. And they say that without such “clinics” and “procedures” there will be a return to back alley abortions. Like, what was this???

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