weekend question.jpgI previously reported on Internet RU-486 abortions being offered in countries where abortion is illegal.
Now, Susan Yanow and Kinga Jelinski at RH Reality Check are proposing US law be relaxed for RU-486 abortions.
Currently, mothers must be assessed and given the medication regimen (mifepristone, i.e., RU-486, to kill the baby and misoprostol, i.e., Cytotec, to expel the baby) at a dr’s office or abortion clinic and must return for assessment to ensure the abortion was complete.
Yanow and Jelinski maintain…

As early as 2002, well-respected researchers were questioning the over-medicalization of the procedure, citing evidence that most women can safely and effectively handle the medical abortion process themselves, effectively and safely….

internet ru-486.jpg

[M]edication abortion is a safe, straightforward option for ending an early unwanted pregnancy, and could be made more available and less expensive if home use were an option.

But Sky News reported in July 2008:

But a study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found 11% of 400 [Internet] customers went on to need a surgical procedure – either because the drugs had not completed the abortion or because of excessive bleeding.

The question is, how do pro-lifers approach the likely future push to make RU-486 available in the US over the Internet? Do we argue it is safer for mothers to abort in abortion mills? Or do we ignore that fight – removing ourselves as the likely sole barrier against it – and continue to focus on overturning FDA approval of RU-486 in the first place?