UPDATE, 12:05a: Operation Rescue is twittering the Tiller trial. (Say that 3 times.) Follow oprescue.
UPDATE, 11:05a: Kathy Ostrowski, state legislative director for Kansans for Life, discusses the anticipated Tiller defense at KansasLiberty.com as well as reminds us Tiller was outted for committing illegal late-term abortions by the very mothers he aborted in a 2005 LA Times puff piece.
Per the LA Times:

For activists on both sides of the debate over legalized abortion, the criminal trial of Dr. George Tiller, which begins Monday in a Wichita courtroom, is an oddly unfulfilling culmination of a struggle that has wrenched KS for years….

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Although neither side will discuss the evidence, the state is expected to contend that Tiller’s relationship with Ann Kristin Neuhaus, the 2nd doctor who signed off on the 19 abortions in question, violated the physician independence provision. Each count carries a maximum penalty of as long as a year in prison and a $2,500 fine….
“The attorney general’s office is not very excited about this case,” said Joseph Aistrup, a political science professor at KS State University….

“If Tiller is convicted and it does lead to his clinic being shut down, the ironic twist is almost overwhelming. It would be a pro-choice attorney general that shut him down.”…
“In some respects,” he added, “most of us in KS would prefer that Tiller go away – not because of opposition or support for what he does, but the publicity has been so negative over the course of time.”

Abortionist fatigue.
Actually, I would take this conviction, as unconfident as I am the AG will try too hard. Recall Al Capone was brought down on charges of tax evasion.
I couldn’t help myself when reading Wichita Eagle reporter Ron Sylvester’s story on the opening. Sylvester, you’ll recall, is in the tank for Tiller.
We’ll see if my comment stays up.
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[HT for LA Times story: Tom McClusky of FRC Action blog; photo courtesy of the Wichita Eagle]

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