UDPATE, 7:35a: Friend Patte S. tells me these clips are from the movie Lake of Fire. Ah, ok.
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Southwest posted this rather incredible video April 11.
I don’t know how CBRSW got permission to film or got hold of this film, taken inside the Madison Abortion Clinic in WI and showing a 20-week abortion by abortionist Dennis Christensen. Christensen is at the center of controvery involving the University of WI Madison starting to commit late-term abortions, about which I previously wrote.
I’d never seen how abortionists actually prepare baby parts to piece back together, and I didn’t know they measure chopped fetal extremities like a foot with a ruler to determine age. You see all that beginning at 1:22 on the video.
The mothers’ stories are also tragic: abandoned, foolish, selfish.

People need to see this stuff to know what we’re talking about behind the ambiguous word “choice.”
[HT: Facebook friend Drac]

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