Planned Parenthood Memphis digs hole deeper

Many if not all TN state legislators received an email from Planned Parenthood Memphis Region on April 24 attempting to respond to the release of Lila Rose’s undercover video showing a PPMR employee perfectly willing to help who she thought was a 14-year-old girl cover up her rape and pregnancy by her 31-year-old “boyfriend.”
In its email PPMR blamed the misinformation on these points:

  • Lila was a walk-in
  • PPMR was very busy that day
  • The rapist-enabling worker was actually an interpreter, not a counselor
    These raise even more questions. Is PP so inept it doesn’t know when to stop accepting patients? Or is it more concerned about getting $$ rather than providing safe patient care? Is PP saying it does not train its interpreters on TN law? How many other girls did this interpreter “counsel”?
    PPMR Ceo Barry Chase also incorrectly identified TN’s minor parental involvement law as “notification” when it is actually “consent.” Big difference. He is unaware?
    In addition, after 1st acknowledging the authenticity of Lila’s video and what was told her by the PPMR employee, Chase incredibly stated PPMR’s employees don’t break the law and all receive “knowledgeable, professional” counseling. Huh?…

    Chase further confused the fact Lila was posing as a 14-year-old, not actually a 14-year-old, wondering why she didn’t immediately report the incident to authorities rather than “endanger a young woman.”
    Finally, contrary to its claim PPMR has NOT contacted Lila or LiveActionFilms requesting a copy of the video. How easy is Lila to reach? I received an answer to that question 7 minutes after asking it. Click to enlarge:
    lila's response to pp email.jpg
    Here is PPMR’s self-indicting email. Click to enlarge:
    pp memphis response email 1.JPG
    pp memphis response email 2.JPG
    Bottom lines:

  • This video shows PP discards the well-being of young girls – our sisters, daughters, friends
  • All employees of PP should be trained in local laws and adhere to them, whether they are a counselor or not.
  • Live Action’s Mona Lisa Project shows this PP clinic is just one more in a string across the country that have been systematically covering up child rape and abuse. Clearly, PP policies advocate performing abortions above protecting children.
  • A business that breaks the laws, especially those that are meant to protect young girls, should never receive taxpayer funds.
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    1. The CEO was making excuses for failing to follow a TN law?
      a) Lila was a walk-in – and that would mean what, she could’ve called and received the same answer?
      b) PPMR was very busy that day – tell us someting that all operating business are NOT encountering these days..
      c)The rapist-enabling worker was actually an interpreter, not a counselor – OTHER PP “counselors” said the same thing in other PP offices…
      Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves….as the saying goes..

    2. These excuses are laughable. Good point, does PP not realize how inept and stupid they sound?
      Its like Hodari’s clinic giving the excuse that cleaning people tossed medical records into public trash. So how did cleaning people get access to medical records they are not supposed to have access to under any circumstances!!
      Lila was a walk-in? How else would she get in, fly?
      PP was busy that day. So what? Clinics, hospitals, and other places of business don’t have busy days?
      An interpreter, not a counselor, spoke to Lila. So anybody at this clinic, an interpreter, the maintenance man, or the cleaning staff, can take a patient into the office and counsel her? Is there not some kind of supervision?

    3. You know, Planned Parenthood never ceases to amaze me. One thing I know about them is that you better not set one foot on their property if you are holding a Rosary in your hand…

    4. Judicial Complicity in Statutory Rape

      Lila Rose exposes yet another Planned Parenthood covering up alleged statutory rape in TN in a pattern that is not isolated to one state, but now has been exposed at 6 clinics and multiple states.
      There clearly have been violations of the law, because …

    5. Planned Parenthood seems deliberately stupid. Lila had fine English. She did not need interpretation. Interpretors are used when there is a different language.

    6. I listened again. This is a person counseling and giving advice. If they have a mere “interpretor” giving advice, so be it. I look forward to more of these videos coming. I am sure she has not released very many. If Obama wants this lawbreaking to continue, he will keep pushing PP.
      Barry is not very bright. If he wants to push against parental consent or parental nitification, he needs to have sharper counseling and compliance. They must have parental consent because PP has no intention of following the law on their own.
      Just a reminder, PP is reading these true accounts of their covering sex crimes. It is like sex traficking.

    7. Poor Planned Parenthood. They just can’t get a break. First, they have to follow laws. Then they are told that eugenics are cruel and unusual and the good people of the lower classes and the minorities just aren’t going to take it anymore…and now, there are requests that they stop receiving funding from the government. Come on guys, let’s not request Planned Parenthood and its workers follow the laws like common plebeians; that’s injustice!

    8. then they say parental notification law when in TN it is parental consent but what do they care they don’t intend to follow the law anyway.
      I wrote a letter to the editor about this and one of the detractors said I’ll bet you were not a virgin when you got married! Unbelievable!

    9. “Come on guys, let’s not request Planned Parenthood and its workers follow the laws like common plebeians; that’s injustice! ”
      Yeah, Vannah..PP’s “clinics” are not even subject to STANDARD rules/ regulations set down for hospitals and TRUE healthcare clinics…and now, they are expected to obey the State laws,too..that’s too much!!!

    10. It is disgusting that Planned Parenthood supports such efforts to give a 13 year old child an abortion by telling her to lie about her age! The alleged 13 year old also told Planned Parenthood that the father and her boyfriend was a 30 year old man! Planned Parenthood was happy to hide this preteen’s pregnancy and send her back into the arms of a 30 yr old child molestor.
      America is now starting to see where the Pro-Abortion movement has led us and the most vunerable people of our society!! It has only made unwanted pregnancies rise exponentially as well as, children born to broken families. It has given deadbeat parents a reason to leave a woman who is pregnant when she refuses an abortion.
      I sincerely hope we start to wake up and realize how much harm abortion has done to this country. I am not even getting near the whole religious aspects, but these atrocities are happening to regular folks like you and I every single day. It has just spiraled into a tangle web of decite, where the integrity of a nation has been decimated and ignored.

    11. Any good prosecutor could use Lila’s tape as enough evidence to charge the abortion business worker with subornation of perjury, conspiracy to suborn perjury, and obstruction of justice. These people should be put behind bars for being so willing to corrupt our legal system. But, they kill babies for money, so why am I surprised that they’d tell a little girl to commit perjury?

    12. I am fully against abortion, a life is a life no matter how long it has existed. With that said.
      How the he** are these people getting away with not following the LAW?? Did you know, if i do not inform the police about a 13 yr old having sex with a 31 yr old, i can be accessory, or something along those lines? Yet a state funded institution can sit there and ignore it, and turn their heads. I think audio/video surveilence should be used in places like that. Sure it breaks confidentiality, but wtf man? That is the least of the worries. It gets molestors off the streets and where they belong, and it gets the CHILD some REAL help. If they just send them across state lines, and they have it done… whose to say that the 31yr old wont just do something to the 13/14 yr old? Hello world. Wake up, protect the children! If i were that girls father, i would KILL if a 31yr old was doing something with my 13 yr old. And i would surely like to know about it, and make sure JUSTICE finds them. That word has lost all meaning these days. Wanna see where the world is going? Watch Idiocracy…. that is our doomed future of meaningless existance.

    13. Lila calls Memphis Planned Parenthood’s bluff

      Last week Barry Chase, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, sent state legislators an email complaining, “We have asked, unsuccessfully, for an unedited copy of the video” Lila Rose shot in his abortion mill showing a worker offering to…

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