Many if not all TN state legislators received an email from Planned Parenthood Memphis Region on April 24 attempting to respond to the release of Lila Rose’s undercover video showing a PPMR employee perfectly willing to help who she thought was a 14-year-old girl cover up her rape and pregnancy by her 31-year-old “boyfriend.”
In its email PPMR blamed the misinformation on these points:

  • Lila was a walk-in
  • PPMR was very busy that day
  • The rapist-enabling worker was actually an interpreter, not a counselor
    These raise even more questions. Is PP so inept it doesn’t know when to stop accepting patients? Or is it more concerned about getting $$ rather than providing safe patient care? Is PP saying it does not train its interpreters on TN law? How many other girls did this interpreter “counsel”?
    PPMR Ceo Barry Chase also incorrectly identified TN’s minor parental involvement law as “notification” when it is actually “consent.” Big difference. He is unaware?
    In addition, after 1st acknowledging the authenticity of Lila’s video and what was told her by the PPMR employee, Chase incredibly stated PPMR’s employees don’t break the law and all receive “knowledgeable, professional” counseling. Huh?…

    Chase further confused the fact Lila was posing as a 14-year-old, not actually a 14-year-old, wondering why she didn’t immediately report the incident to authorities rather than “endanger a young woman.”
    Finally, contrary to its claim PPMR has NOT contacted Lila or LiveActionFilms requesting a copy of the video. How easy is Lila to reach? I received an answer to that question 7 minutes after asking it. Click to enlarge:
    lila's response to pp email.jpg
    Here is PPMR’s self-indicting email. Click to enlarge:
    pp memphis response email 1.JPG
    pp memphis response email 2.JPG
    Bottom lines:

  • This video shows PP discards the well-being of young girls – our sisters, daughters, friends
  • All employees of PP should be trained in local laws and adhere to them, whether they are a counselor or not.
  • Live Action’s Mona Lisa Project shows this PP clinic is just one more in a string across the country that have been systematically covering up child rape and abuse. Clearly, PP policies advocate performing abortions above protecting children.
  • A business that breaks the laws, especially those that are meant to protect young girls, should never receive taxpayer funds.