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  • CA abortion clinic owner Bertha Bugarin has been sentenced to 7 years in jail for performing abortions without a license in the San Diego area. She was previously sentenced to 3 years in jail for similar crimes in LA County. She’ll serve her terms concurrently. According to UPI:

    …[T]he women suffered emotional trauma. One woman was hospitalized twice for complications and then gave birth to a baby who died within three hours, while another had to go through two procedures because the first was bungled….

  • According to the Daily Mail, the UK‘s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the governmental body which makes decisions on fertility issues and what can be done with embryos, is going to decide whether couples can store their embryonic children for the purpose of using those embryos in the future to create embryonic stem cell lines for themselves or their other children:

    … [S]toring embryonic cells is controversial as they allow the creation of embryos for a purpose other than new life. It means couples could have IVF simply to create a body-repair kit.
    A US company is already offering this service, which it has described as an “investment” for the future.
    The HFEA will discuss the issue in July – and if it rules in favour of the proposals, they will automatically become policy.

  • David Bass has a piece in the American Spectator about PP’s status as a profitable non-profit:

    Planned Parenthood’s report boasts that, in 2007, “the number of adoption referrals at Planned Parenthood health centers increased by more than 100%. The number of abortions provided rose by a little more than 5%.”
    The percentages appear significant until one examines the hard numbers. In 2007, Planned Parenthood increased its number of adoption referrals by 2,502 for a total of 4,912 referrals. But it conducted 15,560 more abortions during the same period, totaling 305,310 abortions in all.
    For every adoption referral, therefore, Planned Parenthood conducted 62 abortions.

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