Texas bill would decriminalize infanticide

jessica ferrar pp award.jpgDemocrat pro-abortion Catholic state Rep. Jessica Ferrar has quite a resumé. There she is pictured right holding a Planned Parenthood Public Affairs Award she received last year “for her work on reproductive health issues,” according to her website.
Ferrar opposes a bill currently before the legislature that would mandate abortionists offer mothers the option of viewing an ultrasound of their baby. She currently is sponsoring a bill that would force Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning-after pill. And Ferrar maintains a 100% approval rating from NARAL.
But disregard for prenatal life isn’t enough for Ferrar, who is also sponsoring the first legislation of its kind in the nation, known as “The Infanticide Bill,” HB 3318….

The Infanticide Bill would decriminalize infanticide of babies under 1 year old from being a capital murder offense, punishable by life in prison or the death penalty, to 180 days to 2 years in jail and a fine not to exceed $10k, for mothers found to be suffering, in the court’s opinion, severe post-partum depression.
A defendent would be eligible for this sentence if her “judgment was impaired as a result of the effects of giving birth or the effects of lactation following birth,” wrote Ferrar in her legislative analysis.
While I empathize for mothers suffering this malady, it does not extend to dehumanizing their babies so killing them is any less heinous in the eyes of the court than killing older children.
After all, depression extends throughout the life spectrum. Why should infanticide be set apart as a more tolerated crime?
Obviously, because of Ferrar’s pro-abortion proclivities and the company she keeps, this is a veiled attempt to portray pregnancy as an illness, to provide a loophole for mothers committing 4th trimester abortions (postnatal murder), and to blur the line between abortion and infanticide.
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  1. I don’t even know what to say about these pro aborts anymore except many people have more respect for a pet’s life than they do for a defenseless baby. How these pro aborts sleep at night I will never know.

  2. Oh dear God…
    While I empathize for mothers suffering this malady, it does not extend to dehumanizing their babies so killing them is any less heinous in the eyes of the court than killing older children.
    I agree 100% with this. I am just astounded.

  3. Wow, just wow. As much as things don’t shock me anymore, I actually thought that it would be a very long time before I saw an infanticide bill being pushed anywhere in the US, if it would ever be pushed in my lifetime. But here we are.

  4. I’ve noticed over the years that even the murder of toddlers tends to have minimal consequences. For example, a woman in Toronto left her 2-year-old in a crib in an un-air-condition apartment in the summer, to go dancing at a club for 36 hours. The little girl died of heat stroke and the mother was sentenced to 2 years house arrest as a result. Unbelievable.

  5. Bekah, I’m guessing that case wasn’t even viewed as murder, but more like criminal negligence. (And utter selfishness.)
    But this? This just goes beyond the pale. Have regrets after giving birth? No problem…

  6. Ferrar is NOT Catholic – I don’t care what she calls herself. This legislation of hers makes me want to vomit. It’s pure evil. Please tell me the good people of Texas have more heart and common sense than to support this garbage.
    At this rate, why not just decriminalize all murders of children, at any age? What the heck, they’re not productive citizens yet. They’re a drain on the system, and darn inconvenient to boot. Just get rid of the little pests.
    Have we no heart… no SOUL anymore in America?

  7. Jennifer, we can still stop this. Heres the contact info for the members of the next committee that will review this bill:
    HB 3318 is now in the Calendars Committee and could be voted on any day, one step away from full House approval.
    Call the Calendars Committee today tell them to vote NO on HB 3318!!
    Brian McCall-Chair: 512-463-0594
    Eddie Lucio-Vice Chair: 512-463-0606
    Norma Chavez: 512-463-0622
    Garnett Coleman: 512-463-0524
    Byron Cook: 512-463-0730
    Brandon Creighton: 512-463-0726
    Charlie Geren: 512-463-0610
    Jim Keffer: 512-463-0656
    Lois Kolkhorst: 512-463-0600
    Edmund Kuempel: 512-463-0602
    Jim McReynolds: 512-463-0490
    Alan Ritter: 512-463-0706
    Burt Solomons: 512-463-0478

  8. I really believe the Catholic church has to start doing something about these so called “catholics” in public office who behave in an utterly shameful and immoral manner without the slightest regard for the Catholic teachings.
    Where is God’s name is her bishop and what has he been doing all this time?

  9. Severe depression of that sort can actually cause temporary psychosis. The woman may very well not be aware of what she’s doing in any meaningful way. I doubt it’ll pass, as it would be very difficult to prove, but I think it’s great that someone is recognizing the catastrophic results of untreated mental illnesses. The system in the US is broken with regards to treating men and women afflicted with mental illness, and while I don’t think this is the way to go about it (too much negative PR), perhaps it could start a debate that would increase awareness.
    I’m from Texas, btw.

  10. It may not pass but the point is that it was even introduced shows us just how far down the slope we are. Peter Singer anyone?

  11. Human Abstract: There’s a vast difference in recognizing the catastrophic results of untreated mental illnesses and decriminalizing murder. And I think it will have a polarizing effect and incite outrage, making people unwilling to engage in open debate about mental illness. If the topic is introducted in the context of lax punishment for child murder for the sake of the mentally ill, I cannot imagine those who were uninformed of post partum mental illness will suddenly feel inspired to explore the topic objectively.
    Also important to note: I have bipolar disorder and schizoaffective personality disorder.

  12. I wonder if Jessica Ferrar says that Andrea Yates who killed her children (including an infant) was NOT GUILTY? After all, she was suffering from severe post partnum depression at the time.

  13. Wow. I knew someone would come in here and defend this. Congratulations Human Abstract!
    Look, a temporary insanity defense already exists to lessen punishment. There is absolutely NO reason to hardwire it into the law any time someone kills their child.

  14. I want to know from her why stop at 1 yr old?
    I think that is a legitimate question.
    Posted by: Chris Arsenault at April 30, 2009 12:48 PM
    agreed and Singer considers it a legitimate question too.
    If you can kill an unborn baby at 18 weeks why not at 8 weeks post birth?

  15. “State Jail Felony” in Texas means 180 days to 2 years. It is a felony conviction.
    Thus, this is NOT decriminalizing infanticide; it is just adding more range for criminal punishment when found guilty.
    Hello, people, we don’t need to resort to misleading and lying in order to make our points and be effective in the legislative process.
    In my opinion, if you mislead on legal matters, that, again, in my opinion, falls under the category of “bearing false witness.” In my opinion.
    So, let’s be honest. In the abortion issue, let us at least have one side committed totally to honesty. Seriously.
    I used to be involved in politics a lot, but the dishonesty on BOTH sides made me get disgusted, and now it is all I can do to make myself vote, due to civic duty, for ANY of these lying scoundrels.

  16. Um, there is no misleading. Jill stated clearly that infanticide is being lowered from a capital offense to a state jail felony. A state jail felony is a slap on the wrist.

  17. Ferrar maintains a 100% approval rate from Naral. How hard can that be? The only prerequisite is to like children.- Dead children!

  18. I agree with the others…she can call herself Catholic all she wants, but that doesn’t make it so.
    What an embarrassment. I’m getting rather sick of all these “Catholics” scandalizing the church with their anti-life views. It’s disgusting.

  19. The radical pro-choicers are having a hard time seeing past their nose.
    Doesn’t care if pregnant women have the option of seeing their ultrasound?
    Killing infants is a felony?
    Do they see what they are supporting? It’s not about “choice” anymore. For pro-choicers who are, they are happy to give pregnant women more options, including the option to see their baby on the ultrasound.
    These people care more about total access to abortion and catering to the abortion industry than the mental and physical well-being of the mothers in question.

  20. Not only is this blurring the line between abortion and infanticide, but it’s pushing the “right to abortion” into a “right to be baby-free.”

  21. Jessica Ferrar looks like that crazy nurse in the movie Misery. Remember she was a baby killer besides being obsessed with James Cann, who played the author.
    Who knows, Ms Ferrar could have killed a couple kids herself…

  22. Currently in Texas infanticide is a capital crime. If the person is convicted, it is a death penalty. Sometimes that means a jury might acquit because they know that guilty means a death sentence. Sometimes a jury might find the person insane and they would in effect get a life sentence in a secure mental institution for the criminally insane.
    For those who are anti death penalty or just don’t want the death penalty for the particular case, it could be a hung jury. Anyway, you can see how the problem is with the legal system vs. justice. It would still be a capital crime for a sane person to kill a child. This change in the law would just mean it would not be a capital crime for the mother of the child.
    I am not advocating, just explaining.
    Please remember that in Texas, if a person gets the death penalty, they really will be executed. Jurors know this, and it may affect the verdict. Some jurors have a sincere objection to the death penalty especially in cases where society can be protected without the use of the death penalty.

  23. Hippie, a capital murder conviction does not mean the person will automatically get the death penalty. It just means that it is an option. Life in prison is also an acceptable punishment for a capital murder.

  24. Also, they always use the post partum depression defense when a mother kills her own child. I can’t think of a single instance of this happening where they DIDN’T use this defense. It will apply to all cases.

  25. hippie, it is unlikely a juror for a capital case will pass muster if they say they are against the death penalty. A few people I know who were called up for jury duties were asked if they were against the death penalty. They were removed quite quickly. I am against the death penalty, but I don’t think mothers who kill their born children should be given a simple felony conviction, either.
    Plus, psychosis is written into the law, as you’ve said. I don’t see the need to make infanticide a felony offense.

  26. Rep. Jessica Ferrar, on her website, proudly (and rightly) proclaims her Hispanic heritage.
    But does she not realize that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and the patron saint of NARAL, actually championed the elimination of minorities as they were “sub-par” to the human race.
    Farrar calling herself Catholic is an insult to the Church and is only used as a re-election tool for the uninformed in the district she represents.
    Just because we may be agains the death penalty is no excuse to decriminalize the murder of infants. A life sentence without the possibilty of parole would be fitting punishment for these types of murderers.

  27. Decades ago pro-lifers said this day would come. The pro-aborts, now styling themselves as ‘pro-choice’, scoffed and called that notion nonsense. Well it’s here – and of course the pro-aborts are all going to fall in line and pretend like they never scoffed at all.
    God have mercy on this poor nation. Homosexuals and their perverted idea of marriage will overwhelm us; children will be openly murdered and their bodies used for food and cosmetics; the old and disabled will be murdered for the same.
    “This world won’t stand long. God won’t let it.”

  28. Anonymous, decriminalization is the correct term. The word means to “To reduce or abolish criminal penalties for”
    Obviously, the penalties were reduced.

  29. Anon: “Jill DID claim it would decriminalize infanticide.”
    Do you just assume that the prefix “de” means to completely remove? Does DEcrease mean to bring to 0? Does DEflate mean to take ALL of the air out? Does DEform mean to lose all form completely? Does DEvolve mean to no longer be a life form?
    Come on mean, use some common sense. Or a damn dictionary at the least.

  30. Oliver, “decriminalize” means to reduce or remove criminal penalties, but is widely understood to mean “”make legal.”

  31. Anon, no it is not misleading. If you know the definition of the term, you wont have any problems. It’s not an obscure term.

  32. I find it funny :
    many of you “right to lifers” who drive around with anti-abortion stickers on your cars also have the “support our troops” sticker right next to it – you are very proud of your little soldier children…….
    so what many of you are saying is that you want to save babies so you can raise them to be dead soldiers?
    sanctity of life is a moral delusion…..

  33. Hi Dick.
    “many of you “right to lifers” who drive around with anti-abortion stickers on your cars also have the “support our troops” sticker right next to it – you are very proud of your little soldier children……. so what many of you are saying is that you want to save babies so you can raise them to be dead soldiers?”
    That is an EXTREME jump in logic, not to mention the fact that the morality of abortion needs to be discussed on it’s own merits, not simply dismissed because some may believe that those who are pro-life are inconsistent or hypocritical.

  34. Why stop at only letting the mother off the hook, lets go for equality here. Let the Fathers/boyfriends participate. Like Richard McTear Jr. in Tampa Florida who (allegedly) threw a 3 month old in the freeway after smashing it on the sidewalk. Why just let Andrea Yates get out early?

  35. I wonder what her chubby, smiley face will look like once it’s all distorted and fried as she burns in Hell forever.
    Note: By claiming to be Catholic, she testifies that she is fully aware that she is knowingly committing mortal sin, and that she is fully aware of the eternal consequences of her action.
    What a fool.

  36. From Rep.Ferrar’s Website:
    “Clarifying Animal Cruelty Statutes
    HB 297 – The vagueness of current animal cruelty statutes have resulted in many offenses that have gone unpunished.
    In too many cases, offenders literally get away with murder because their victim is an animal.
    Additionally, several studies have indicated that abuse to animals is a strong indicator that someone will be abusive towards humans in the future. This bill will clarify animal cruelty statutes and ensure that those who commit crimes against animals will be held accountable for their actions. HB 297 does not strengthen punishment; rather, it strengthens enforcement. It does not criminalize the production of the meat we buy at the supermarket; rather, it requires the production to be done in a humane way.
    If you have questions on any Animal Cruelty issues, please contact Isaiah Warner on my staff.”
    How about:
    In too many cases, offenders literally get away with murder because their victim is an baby.

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