Recall KS Gov. and HHS Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius greatly misunderestimated the amount of $ late-term abortionist George Tiller contributed to her. From the New American, April 15 (click to enlarge):
new american.jpg
tiller sebelius 3.jpg(“Familiar”? C’mon, Kathleen. Don’t you remember the party you threw Tiller at the mansion in 2007?)
Despite this news, pro-life turncoat Sam Brownback is still standing by his endorsement of Sebelius, but there may be a crack developing: Reported the Associated Press yesterday:

… Brownback… said recent questions about Tiller’s past political support for her are “very troubling.” But he told the AP at an anti-tax rally in Wichita that he’s not backing away from his endorsement of Sebelius’ appointment….

Brownback said he had not had time to thoroughly review the letter released by Operation Rescue.

What letter? As I mentioned in my April 14 post, the bigger story here is Tiller and his PAC have actually given closer to $2 million to aid and abet Sebelius and her pro-abort cronies, even if not directly to her.
Here’s an example. Yesterday Operation Rescue released the following fundraising letter found in its archives written by late-term abortionist George Tiller in 2002.
Tiller stated in his letter he started his ProKanDo PAC specifically to “make sure we have a pro-choice governor in Kansas,” the year Republican State Treasurer Tim Shallenburger ran as a pro-life candidate against Democrat State Insurance Commissioner Kathleen Sebelius.
Tiller also stated he contributed $200k specifically to that end.
tiller pac letter slide 1.JPG
tiller pac letter slide 2.jpg
Here’s another perspective, also from OR, originally garnered from Government Ethics Commission.
top 20.jpg
Sebelius can be defeated as HHS Secretary. Brownback is key. He can use these new revelations to back away from her while saving face.

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