UPDATE, 4/23, 7a: Per American Papist, Notre Dame’s plane flew back to South Bend last night, according to FlightAware:

Aircraft Cessna 560 Citation 5
Origin Washington Dulles Intl
Destination South Bend Rgnl
Date Wednesday, Apr 22, 2009
Duration 1 hours 24 minutes
Scheduled Actual/Estimated
Departure 09:58PM EDT 09:58PM EDT
Arrival 11:22PM EDT 11:22PM EDT

An AmP reader wondered if the prodigal son were returning home. The prodigal son in Jesus’ parable only realized he was a prodigal when he ran out of money. So we shall see, because while speculation was Jenkins flew to DC to meet with President Abortion, AmP reported yesterday:

Now an informed source tells me that Fr. Jenkins is in town for a multi-day seminar/symposium for high level Notre Dame donors, which has been planned for some time now and involves several speakers and events. Because the activities are private, they were not “advertised” to the wider public.

What timing. Hopefully some of those donors closed their checkbooks.
UPDATE, 4/22, 8:20a: The Notre Dame Observer News is denying on Twitter that Fr. Jenkins met with Barack Obama at the White House yesterday:
nd news.jpg
Fabulous reporting and corroboration, Observer.
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UPDATE, 4:25p: From Joseph Lawler (Phil’s son) at the American Spectator:

… This is still merely a rumor, but indeed FlightAware shows the ND jet flying to Dulles this morning….
That Fr. Jenkins would rescind the invitation seems unlikely given that on Saturday Fr. Jenkins reaffirmed his invitation to a crowd celebrating black student-athletes at Notre Dame that “shook down the thunder” with applause. But then what could they be talking about? If there is any change in the status of Obama’s invitation, it’s big news.

From Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture an hour ago…
off the record.jpg
Developing story…
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