Apparently my complaint against Randall Terry just egged him on. A news release just out:

Dr. Alan Keyes and 20 pro-lifers will walk on to Notre Dame’s campus at 11:30a [EST], Friday, May 08, with baby strollers carrying baby dolls covered in “stage blood” to protest the invitation of Notre Dame to President Obama to deliver the commencement address at this year’s graduation.

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On May 7, Dr. Keyes was unexpectedly approached at a press conference on public property by 2 plain clothes Notre Dame policemen and told if he walks on Notre Dame’s campus for any reason, he will be arrested.
Dr. Keyes was shocked. He stated: “I have not even stepped foot on the campus, and they give me this warning? They told me: ‘We are just doing our job.’ I told them I am just coming to witness for the truth.”…

Dr. Keyes had a long conversation with both men, telling them that they have a duty to God to do what is right. He told them that on the day of Judgment they will not be excused for wrong doing, because they were “doing their job,” any more than German guards at concentration camps could make such an excuse.
Dr. Keyes released a statement explaining why he was willing to be arrested. Dr. Keyes full text can be read at
On Thursday, pro-lifers began to arrive from around the country to push the strollers with Dr. Keyes, and face the ire of Notre Dame Officials, as well as arrest. Most of those risking arrest are from Notre Dame; but pro-life advocates from DC, MI, TX, AR, and OH also have arrived.
Randall Terry, organizer states: “Dr. Keyes presence has catapulted this battle to a new level. If we have 100 or more people going to jail over the next week protesting this blatant evil, it may derail Obama’s speech, and it will be a message that reaches America, the Vatican, and the world.
“We are asking our pro-life friends to join us in jail, or at least to come and stand with us in the streets.”

I think this is unhelpful and risks turning the protest against Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame into a circus. I could be wrong, but we’re walking a fine line, and stunts like this aren’t good, IMO. Terry and Keyes have bonded into a renegade tag team these past few years.
We’ll see how many pro-lifers actually turn out for this. I’m thinking the release is attempting to bloat involvement. Again, we’ll see. Exaggerating isn’t helpful either. Underpromise and overperform is always the way to go.

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