About St. Joseph’s Health Centre in London, Ontario, LifeSiteNews.com reported March 5:

A LifeSiteNews.com exposé on the practice of “early inductions” on babies with lethal fetal anomaly at a Catholic hospital has resulted in the matter being reviewed by the Vatican….


London Bishop Ronald Fabbro… informed LSN that he has launched an investigation…. The matter has also been referred to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.
The procedure – “early induction” of unborn babies with “lethal fetal anomalies” – refers to artificially causing the child to be born prematurely at 21-24 weeks – earlier than any child could survive without extreme medical intervention….

In 2004 I began reporting (read here and here) on 2 US Catholic hospital systems committing induced labor abortion: Providence on the west coast and Loyola in Chicago.
Loyola sent me its policy, which stated…

Early induction is performed at LUHS only if the fetus has reached 24 weeks of gestation – currently accepted as the stage of viability – which is consistent with the Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services….

These hospitals rationalize they’re consistent with Catholic teaching by waiting until after a baby is viable to abort by induction, since Catholic teaching allows for induction of labor. This is not only crazy but dangerous for any hospital in America if the Born Alive Infants Protection Act is ever enforced.
St. Joseph’s Hospital sent LSN its induced labor abortion policy, which it calls Early Induction for Lethal Fetal Anomalies.
early induction ontario.jpg
I don’t know how it can be considered for “the total good of the… child” to kill him.
I’m encouraged that the Vatican is finally being asked to address this insanity. It would be quite something if it handed down a mandate to all Catholic hospitals to stop induced labor abortions, because I think many more are involved in this heinous procedure than we know.
[HT: Rich Collier]

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