UPDATE, 1p: Could this be the reason for the Vatican’s softpedaling on Obama?
Deal Hudson blogged today on InsideCatholic.com that the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, appears to be suffering from Obamadelusions:

Yesterday OR published an article praising Obama at Notre Dame for seeking “common ground” on abortion.
It’s now clear that the paper needs a new editor. The article did not even mention the 79 US bishops who openly criticized Notre Dame for giving Obama an honor at its recent commencement.
“The search for common ground seems to be the road chosen by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to confront the sensitive abortion issue,” L’Osservatore Romano says.
And then this:

Strong polemics have marked the weeks following the invitation to President Obama made by (ND) President, Fr. John Jenkins. And also yesterday, as was completely predictable, demonstrations were not missing.

Completely predictable? Why? Perhaps, because President Obama is the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States and some Catholics found it offensive he was being honored by the best-known, best-loved Catholic University in the nation?

Hudson wrote “everyone scratched their heads and wondered, ‘What’s going on?'” when OR “wrote glowingly of President Obama’s first 100 days in office.”
To do so OR ignored Obama’s overturn of the Mexico City policy, his move to drop enforcement of conscience protections for health workers, his plan to sign the Freedom of Choice Act “first thing,” and his appointment of such pro-abortion luminaries as Kathleen Sebelius and Janet Napolitano to key positions.
14_f3.jpgOR’s new editor, Giovanni Maria Vian (pictured left), has been chastised before for inaccurate representations of Vatican views. Hudson called on the Vatican to address the inaccuracies in this harmful article, which is being spread around the globe through Associated Press channels.
But the damage has already been done. Here’s the Los Angeles Times headline about the Vatican story:

vatican obama.jpg
But anyone reading Obama’s speech and comparing it to his actions knows this is just not true.
Is Obama hoodwinking the Vatican? I would be more than disappointed. That sort of development would really add to the other-worldly vibes given off by the Obama presidency.
[Photo attributions: fatima.org; alfayomega.es]

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