When Biden wept for joy; his history with David Souter

Dr. Paul Kengor wrote a disturbing column yesterday for The Center for Vision and Values. Makes me sick, actually. What disgusting, pathetic people.
Here are excerpts:
souter sober.jpg

Is he pro-life or pro-choice? That was the giant unknown hanging in the balance one day in 1990 as President George H. W. Bush nominated a mystery man named David Souter for a Supreme Court seat….
America got its answer in 1992 in Casey v. Planned Parenthood…. Souter was the decisive swing vote in the narrow 5-4 majority, enshrining Roe v. Wade as law of the land.
Among those most euphoric over Souter’s vote were 2 liberal Senators from opposing parties… Joe Biden (D-DE) and… Warren Rudman (R-NH)….

Rudman had pushed the Souter nomination… [assuring] liberal colleagues that Souter was their guy….
But Rudman’s allies… weren’t so sure. And Rudman had to walk a fine line, since his pro-life president wanted a pro-life justice. So, Rudman quietly sought to assuage liberals. He urged them to trust him.
That silent trust was critical, since Souter’s position on abortion had to be dealt with stealthily. In fact, it was handled so delicately that the nominee’s true thinking was apparently unknown even to the White House….
Alas, with Casey v. Planned Parenthood, America had its answer….
As fate would have it, on that same day… Rudman and… Biden bumped into each other at the train station… in Wilmington, DE.
“At first, I didn’t see Joe; then I spotted him waving at me from far down the platform,” Rudman later recorded in his memoirs, Combat: Twelve Years in the U.S. Senate. “Joe had agonized over his vote for David, and I knew how thrilled he must be. We started running through the crowd toward each other, and when we met, we embraced, laughing and crying.”

biden laughing.jpg

An ecstatic Biden wept tears of joy, telling Rudman over and over: “You were right about him [Souter]! … You were right!”
The two men were so jubilant, so giddy–practically dancing–that Rudman said onlookers thought they were crazy: “[B]ut we just kept laughing and yelling and hugging each other because sometimes, there are happy endings.”
It was sheer bliss: Roe v. Wade had been saved; it was alive. The 2 senators, liberal Democrat and liberal Republican, were so overcome that they sobbed. It was the most joyous moment.
Thanks to David Souter, Rudman celebrated: “The combined efforts of the Reagan and Bush administrations and the religious right to overthrow Roe had been defeated, probably for good.”
Well, not quite for good. A turning point arrived with the November 2008 presidential election. And that brings me to Justice Souter’s announcement last week.
Souter will be stepping down from the court. He made his announcement only days after another liberal Republican from the Northeast – Senator Arlen Specter – announced he was leaving the GOP for the Democratic Party, and, more significantly, just months after President George W. Bush, the son of the man who had nominated Souter, left the White House.
Pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike knew the 2008 election was utterly crucial to the future of Roe v. Wade. Literally, the legality of unrestricted abortion – plus its potential funding with your tax dollars – hinged on the next president.
The contrast was unmistakable, given the remarkable pro-life views of the McCain-Palin ticket and the unprecedented pro-choice extremism of the Obama-Biden ticket. The next president would likely fill 2 Supreme Court vacancies: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Paul Stevens. David Souter’s name rarely surfaced.

obama biden laughing.jpg

Well, America chose Obama-Biden, including a near majority of American Protestants and a decisive majority of American Catholics.
And last week, pro-choicers danced around their TVs when they learned about Souter. The justice surprised us all – again. He clearly had waited, silently again, for the 2nd George Bush to get out of town.
Behold: there will be not just 2 high-court picks for Barack Obama but almost certainly 3. Jackpot!
And, as fate would have it, shepherding the next nominee, aside President Obama, will be a still grinning Joe Biden – now elevated to the vice presidency. Biden is poised to again ensure yet more decades of Roe v. Wade, this time openly, and at new levels that even pro-choicers would have never imagined – and with Republicans unable to stop him. Biden can thank roughly 50 million Christians, including his fellow Catholics, for that ability.

[HT: KC; photo of Souter courtesy of Lawyers, Guns and Money; photo of Biden courtesy of Huffington Post

49 thoughts on “When Biden wept for joy; his history with David Souter”

  1. “…because sometimes, there are happy endings.”
    These pro-abort democrats are happy when unborn babies are torn limb from limb?? Sick, sick, SICK!

  2. This is unbelievably sickening. It makes me want to vomit. A few friends and I have been meeting for several months now praying for pro-life issues and we will not give up until things change. And I mean change for the better, not this change!

  3. That part in the middle about them laughing, hugging, crying, embracing etc etc is pure evil. The pleasure and rejoicing over the slaughter of the innocent is just plain demonic. Pure, unadulterated evil.

  4. Biden has low moral character. As did the people voting for him.
    The pro deathers get some twisted joy from torturing and slaughter of the unborn. of course they call it women’s health.

  5. Re: this country. We are a done deal.
    Posted by: heather at May 5, 2009 4:16 PM
    You are welcome to leave at any time. I hear the weather in the SWAT Valley is nice this time of year. And you’ll find the natives very accomodating of your views.

  6. Every time I hear another story about Biden, I feel like I’ve reached the climax of how much I despise his being in office. But every time I am also proven wrong..

  7. Abortion is not about personal choice – the glee expressed by those two men is about absolute power, feeding upon those who are captive in their trials. I agree with Bobby – it’s demonic.

  8. Patty, just an FYI..I am hoping that these 2 loons will only be around for 4 years.

  9. …Have to agree…this whole thing smells of sulfur and brimstone…
    Demonic? Demon-inspired, at the very least.

  10. Article makes me sick too. I will never know how pro aborts sleep at night. Especially the politicians who support legal killing of innocent babies.
    Satanic inspired indeed!

  11. Feisty Lady Lawyer Tells Chief Justice: Investigate Obama
    March 30, 2009
    Was Barack Obama ever eligible to be president of the United States ? Have he and his wife committed massive tax fraud?
    Has he perjured himself? Has a forger been at work on his personal documents? These are just a few questions feisty lady lawyer, Orly Taitz , recently demanded Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to address.
    When Chief Justice John Roberts opened the floor to questions following a recent speech at the University of Idaho, he and 5,000 people finally heard the truth about an attorney’s frustrated attempts to have the court force purported President Obama to prove his naturalborn American citizen status.
    When the audience was told after the lecture that they could ask questions, Russian-born Dr. Orly Taitz, the southern California lawyer handling the suit filed by former presidential candidate Alan Keyes et al. , was the first to run for the microphone.
    “I left home at three o’clock in the morning and flew and drove thousands of miles to talk to you and ask you a question,” she said to the chief justice. “Are you aware that there is criminal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States ? I have submitted my Lightfoot vs. Bowen case to you. You agreed to hear it in the conference of all nine justices on January 23rd.”
    “Your clerk, Danny Bickle , on his own accord, refused to forward to you an important supplemental brief that he has hidden from you and refused to post on the docket. Additionally, my case was completely erased from the docket one day after the inauguration, only two days before it was supposed to be heard in the conference. Outraged citizens had to call and demand for it to be posted. I saw Justice (Antonin) Scalia, and he had absolutely no knowledge of my case that was supposedly heard in conference on January 23rd. “It is inexplicable, particularly knowing that roughly half a million American citizens have written to him and to you, Justice Roberts, demanding that you hear this issue of eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, to be the president of the United States.”
    At this point she showed Roberts a stack of papers, her pleadings and printouts containing the names of some 350,000 people who had signed the petition, and the chief justice, lassoed with no comfortable avenue of escape, surrendered.
    “I will read your documents, “ he said. “Give them to my Secret Service Agent and I will review them.” Taitz had a full suitcase of documents which she then handed to a Secret Service Agent who showed his ID, introduced himself as Gilbert Shaw and promised her that Justice Roberts would get them.
    The tenacious Orly Taitz had done her homework well. In addition to 3,300 pages of the signees of the petition, were a motion to reconsider Lightfoot vs. Bowen , with all the supplemental briefs, and a copy of Quo Warranto Easterling et al. vs. Obama et al., the challenge by military officers of Obama’s qualifications to be their commander-in-chief.
    In addition, she included a 164-page dossier and all the other documents sent to Eric Holder , attorney general, describing suspected criminal activity associated with Obama and his supporters. It described a whole campaign of cyber crimes, intimidation, harassment, defamation and assassination of character, and the mysterious impersonation of her and U.S. Army officer Scott Easterling by persons unknown. It showed screen shots of information being erased from the docket of the Supreme Court and contained information of court cases being created and fabricated in order to commit voter fraud and sway public opinion.
    The package also contained the astounding list of 100 addresses for Barack Obama with numerous different Social Security numbers, issued all over the country and attached to those addresses.
    It showed the address Obama used in Somerville , Mass. , attached to the Social Security of a man who, if still living, is 118 years old. It showed evidence of Obama committing perjury, lying under oath. It had his school registration from Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro , citizen of Indonesia , religion: Muslim. Right after this page there was a page of Obama’s registration to become an attorney and office of the court in Illinois , where he stated under oath that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he had no other prior names. It contained a report from federal agent Steven Coffman , stating that there are numerous signs of forgery in his Selective Service certificate.
    Furthermore, the dossier contained a letter from renowned expert Sandra Line, stating that there are signs of forgery in Obama’s short version “Certification of Live Birth,” and the original birth certificate needs to be reviewed in order to ascertain his status.
    It contained 130 current job positions for Barry Obama , Barack H. Obama and Michelle Obama , but none of them was reported on the Obama’s tax returns.
    All of these documents suggest possible massive tax fraud, corruption of a public official, bribery and massive campaign contributions fraud, whereby large campaign contributions, well over allowed limits, were reported as fictitious positions with different companies, not surprisingly involving most mainstream media outlets.
    As one of the announcers introduced Roberts , he stated that Roberts has his priorities straight. He described an event when Roberts missed most of a reception because he wanted to be there for his young son, at the sports tournament where his son was participating. He described Roberts as a caring and loving father.
    “I missed time with my children, too,” says Taitz, “because I am criss-crossing this country talking to justices of the Supreme Court, representatives, senators, FBI agents, attorney generals, U.S. attorneys; asking all of them, “What is wrong with you? Did some evil magician put a spell on the men in this country and you stopped being men? Why are you afraid to speak up, to stand up for your Constitution?” At least now everybody at that meeting knows the truth and knows that the leftist media thugs, such as the Seattle Washington Observer, shamelessly twists the truth to fit their pro-Obama, blind idiot agenda.
    “I hope Justice Roberts teaches his son by example and not by empty words,” she said.

  12. I will never know how pro aborts sleep at night.
    Pro-choicers sleep very well at night knowing that young girls aren’t dying in septic abortion wards anymore.

  13. Reality,
    Get with the times. Septic abortion wards went the way of TB sanatariums and iron lungs.
    There’s something called improved surgical techniques, antibiotic therapy, intravenous fluid and blood replacement therapy which put the illegal abortion death rate at an all time low the year before Roe v Wade.
    I began working in a large city hospital in 1970 and there were no “septic abortion wards” just as there were no iron lung wards.

  14. “Pro-choicers sleep very well at night knowing that young girls aren’t dying in septic abortion wards anymore. ”
    But not too young! 1750 unborn girls are dying in abortion wards in the US everyday, but they’re just disposable pieces of crap, so no need to lose sleep over that.

  15. Bobby B.
    I wonder how many unborn females are being deliberately disposed of by legal abortion as well.
    In the United States in 1982 four out of five of the fetuses destroyed for being the “wrong” sex were female.

  16. Pro-choicers sleep very well at night knowing that young girls aren’t dying in septic abortion wards anymore.
    Posted by: reality at May 5, 2009 5:14 PM
    Are you really so stupid to think that no one dies from abortion anymore just because baby killing is legal?
    Check out Cemetery of Choice:
    Yes some of the names there go back long before the infamous Roe Vs Wade but MANY women have died since then. And if they haven’t died, they have had fertility problems later, or ended up with breast cancer, not to mention serious emotional problems and guilt.

  17. Hey Joanne, I left you some lists on PL celebrities on the Joy Behar/Ann Coulter thread.

  18. In the United States in 1982 four out of five of the fetuses destroyed for being the “wrong” sex were female.
    Posted by: Mary at May 5, 2009 5:38 PM
    Babies are aborted for being the wrong sex? This sounds like Nazi Germany.

  19. Joanne, I do believe that this is exactly how Hitler got his start. I’m married to a Jew, and he loathes abortion and other Jews who uphold it!

  20. Joanne,
    Yes even in our “enlightened” country. This info was in a nursing journal of mine in 1982. The article concerned sexism in medicine and involved an interview with the late Dr. Robert Mendolsohn, a “medical heretic”. He wrote a book by that title.
    When challenged in a future issue, Dr. Mendelsohn fired back the names of prominent American hospitals that were performing sex selection abortions. He was not easily intimidated and could source his claims.

  21. This is the most sickening story I’ve ever read.
    David Souter is evil sneak himself.

  22. Hey Joanne, I left you some lists on PL celebrities on the Joy Behar/Ann Coulter thread.
    Posted by: heather at May 5, 2009 5:42 PM
    Thank you! Glad to know about Brooke Shields and others.
    Mary….. that is truly chilling.

  23. I wonder how much jumping and crying for joy they’d be doing if they had to face the victims they allow to be killed?

  24. But not too young! 1750 unborn girls are dying in abortion wards in the US everyday, but they’re just disposable pieces of crap, so no need to lose sleep over that.
    Posted by: Bobby Bambino at May 5, 2009 5:26 PM———————————————————– Bobby, So true. Ever notice when it comes to pro-deathers, it’s still “all about me, me, me!!!”

  25. It hurts my heart being the mother of 2 beautiful girls. I couldn’t imagine my girls tossed into trash cans like garbage. My little 2 year old gives me a hug, and it just makes my eyes misty. How could anyone harm these poor little souls? God help us!

  26. How absolutely sad to see people celebrate abortion. How many lives has it destroyed? How many women did it kill? How many children has it maimed? The truth is that abortion has been around a lot longer than Roe v. Wade; it’s killed and tortured women and children for a very long time. Why would anyone celebrate this?

  27. “Why would anyone celebrate this?”
    It’s hard to fathom. Some people must “win’ no matter what the cost. This is truly sick.

  28. Vannah and Janet, good posts. And let’s not forget the countless women forever scarred emotionally by “choice”!

  29. “Biden can thank roughly 50 million Christians, including his fellow Catholics, for that ability.”
    He can’t thank THIS Catholic. In fact, Biden can’t thank ANY Catholic for his election. By definition, No PRACTICING Catholic ever voted for him; none would. Apostates are quite another matter.

  30. You nailed it John Francis.
    There is one entity that is ultimately responsible for abortion thriving in America.
    The Apostate Church.
    How bad does it have to get around here before we repent and wake up?
    Looks like we’re about to find out.

  31. May the blood of the millions of innocent children that were murdered as a result of his swing vote be on Mr. Souter’s head.

  32. There is one entity that is ultimately responsible for abortion thriving in America.
    The Apostate Church.
    How bad does it have to get around here before we repent and wake up?
    Looks like we’re about to find out.
    Posted by: Ed at May 5, 2009 11:22 PM
    Agree with you on this. I was one of those Christians who personally opposed abortion but felt I did not have the right to impose my belief on others. Sad to say I had that view for many years. It seems many other Christians have that opinion or they would not have supported Barry in 100 years. Either that or they were ignorant of how pro abort he is.

  33. Ever noticed how deranged and demonic these radical pro-abort politicians look? This Souter guy looks like Christopher Lee as Dracula.

  34. According to today’s Dartmouth campus newspaper (the oldest college newspaper in the nation!!!), when Souter returns back to New Hampshire, the school plans on asking him to teach some courses here on campus. Yippee.
    If I see him on campus, I certainly will not hug him and cry.

  35. Right now I am praying before leaving for the abortion mill to pray and counsel women. I will be bringing roses to give out to the women entering the place where they will plan death for their little ones. Each rose stands for a tiny child. I do this every year as Mothers Day approaches. I tell them that bringing their unborn child into this place of death is like bringing a fragile rose into a tornado. The fragile rose like their very precious clild will not survive. Sometimes a woman will change her mind and a beautiful baby will come into the world to make it a better place. Sometimes the baby is killed as we cry and mourn out there on the sidewalk. Shame on you leaders of the world that you too cannot cry for the unborn children tortured and killed in the name of “choice.” Mr. Biden and your cohorts….You won’t be rejoicing on the day when you are judged by God for the killing of the innocents.

  36. “I wonder how much jumping and crying for joy they’d be doing if they had to face the victims they allow to be killed?
    Posted by: Lauren at May 5, 2009 6:28 PM”
    Don’t worry Lauren…at the end of their earthly lives, may God have mercy on their souls.
    Instead of jumping and crying for Joy…there will be lamentations, grinding and gnashing of teeth!

  37. “If I see him on campus, I certainly will not hug him and cry.”
    Bobby, how about a body slam?

  38. It is tragic that there are any abortions, and the fact that there are sex-selective abortions at all should convince people that there is such a thing as too much “choice” and a point in time after which “choice” is not an option. I really hope that anyone who has a problem with baby girls being aborted for their gender would have the same problem with baby boys being aborted for their gender.

  39. Good article. Especially your last sentence.
    These sectarians get their “social justice” people into office, then piously Pontificate from the right about “family values,” pushing their ecumenical jihad.
    Which “communists” are the Inquisitors going to save us all from these days? Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius?
    Oh yeah, nobody forced Georgetown to cover up their stuff, just like nobody forced them to partner with the Wahabbists. Funny how Pelosi was granted the opportunity to bow to Rome in person right *after* all that nasty Rockefeller legislation was passed.
    The Gig Is Up.
    Long live the US Constitution.

  40. Pro-abort skepticism of Sotomayor a con game?

    Yesterday I wrote then deleted for this post my conspiracy theory that pro-aborts were expressing concern about Sonia Sotomayor’s Roe v. Wade bonafides for the express purpose of deflating pro-life concerns about same. Last night a DC conservative insi…

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