Politically correct visual of carnage

Reported the Daily News June 21:

They call her Neda, which means ‘voice’ in Farsi, and her death has become the central rallying cry of the Iranian rebellion.


The pretty teenage girl killed by what appears to be a single sniper shot on the streets of Tehran Saturday is now a potent symbol for pro-democracy protesters battering the Islamic regime.
Her quick and brutal death in the arms of her howling father was captured on close-up video, posted to Facebook and sent to computer screens across the world….
Iconic posters of her dead face, open-eyed and bloody, were carried by demonstrators in Los Angeles and NYC within hours….
The expat said her name was Neda Soltani, a 16-year-old philosophy student….
One of the many other videos… captured Neda in the last moments of her life, standing on a curb with her silver-haired father, simply watching the protesters go by.
Neda’s martyrdom has the potential to be a galvanizing event….

WARNING: The following :40 video is gruesome….

3 points about this horrendous tragedy as it relates to our issue:

  • Were Neda’s murder not on visual display, it would not have the same impact on the movement for which she died.
  • The only protests against showing the imageries of Neda’s murder are coming from those supporting the regime responsible for it.
  • YouTube has not unpublished this video as too graphic, although it has censored pro-life videos much less graphic.
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    1. Those are very good points, Jill.
      Would the pro-abortionists who condemn pro-lifers for holding signs with dead babies killed by abortion would be equally condemning of this video? I don’t think so. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
      Also, I think Youtube should either censor ALL graphic videos or admit that they have a strong bias against pro-life material.

    2. I think the bias lies in the fact that so many refuse to acknowledge that the fetus is, in fact, a human being, using terms like “potential life,” in order to soothe their consciences. (Well, lemme tell ya, MY “potential life” is kicking me in the ribs right now, the outline of his or her little feet clearly identifiable on my belly. There’s nothing “potential” about this life. This child IS alive, and has been from the moment of conception.)
      No one disputes the fact that Neda was a person who had value – except for the government of Iran.
      She was an innocent bystander, and this horrifying tragedy was needless. So many times, pro-lifers have been compared by the other side to the Taliban, and even to the Ayatollahs of Iran. I don’t think the side doing that sort of labeling has ANY idea whatsoever of what that really entails.

    3. I can’t imagine what the dad is now feeling as he was with her when she was shot (blue striped shirt and gray hair).
      Lord, please be with Neda’s family as they grieve the loss of their beautiful daughter.

    4. “(Well, lemme tell ya, MY “potential life” is kicking me in the ribs right now, the outline of his or her little feet clearly identifiable on my belly. There’s nothing “potential” about this life. This child IS alive, and has been from the moment of conception.)”
      Thanks. God bless you and your little “glimmer of hope” :)

    5. Words can’t begin to measure the injustice
      You’ve got some delusional, self-absorbed, nut-job dictator who is a cheat, a liar, and a murderer of his own people he haughtily presumes to serve?
      And this beautiful young girl!!! 16 years old!?!?
      I wonder, was she on her way to the market with her Papa? Did she plead with him, over his strong objections, to be allowed to accompany him to the protest? Did he relent and allow her to come along, because she was just like him, with a strong sense of justice, and a love for freedom and truth? Perhaps she was the apple of his eye, and seeing the determination in her eyes to stand up and be counted with those who stood for freedom, he couldn’t say no, and after all, he’d be there to protect her, they wouldn’t do anything foolish…
      Mere words cannot describe the anguish he must feel…

    6. One of the TV news sources referred to Neda as a 27 year old. That sounds more likely than 16.

    7. Lord, have mercy! How long, O Lord? How much longer Lord before you right all wrongs?
      I just watched the video. I waited for all of my children to go to naptime and quiet time.
      I am praying for the friends and family of Neda and for her country. Neda wanted “freedom for all!!!”

    8. Kel… here is MY “potential life”… he’s not only kicking and squirming… he’s SMILING… the ultrasound tech said she had never seen a baby smile so many times during a scan. He also responded during the scan to being talked to and played with…

    9. Elisabeth,
      WOW! How old is your baby? I never had a chance to see this with mine. How wonderful!

    10. Janet, thanks! :)
      Elisabeth, he’s gorgeous!! Just look at that smile! :D
      I had an earlier u/s and it was difficult to make out much on the 3-D…except we did see our baby’s little, tiny face. That was at probably 20 weeks or so. Can’t recall for certain. But my two older kids were sure impressed to see all the hands, arms, and legs and feet on the ultrasound screen!
      When is this smiling boy of yours due to make his grand entrance?

    11. That picture was taken at 28 weeks, 6 days. (Saturday) We’re just over 29 weeks today.
      The only downside is now I am just sooooo anxious to hold him in my arms and I still have to wait until the first week of September!
      We watched the DVD, live action last night with all the kids… watching him stretching and yawning and smiling… the little ones got all excited… and my oldest daughter (16) started crying. She’s in a hurry to hold him, now, too!

    12. I saw the video yesterday on Michelle Malkin. The truth can be brutally ugly and horribly sad. Prayers for Neda and her family.

    13. Just had a prayer with two of my daughters and four of their friends for the people of Iran.
      That was before I heard about Neda Soltani’s death.
      God has placed in the heart of every man the yearning to be free.

      I am not anti-American, but these things happened and we should not forget.
      This photo is eerily familiar to the pictures of Neda Solatani.
      Just governments govern by the consent of the governed. Even just governments do not like to have their power or their authority challenged by the governed.
      Similar to the photo of MLK’s body on the balcony of that Tennessee motel.

      The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. knew what happens when injusice is confronted. It becomes angry and then it becomes visibly violent. It was already angry and the violence was hidden from view but passive peaceful non-violent resistance caused it to come from hiding in the shadows and manifest itself in the light of day for all with eyes to see.
      yor bro ken

    14. Neda’s story makes me sick to my stomach. To deny the reality of such a tragedy, as the government appears to be doing/have done, is beyond unthinkable, and yet it’s real at the same time. A scary thing, when the unthinkable becomes ‘real.’

    15. How precious, Elisabeth! I wish I had been offered the option of that kind of ultrasound…all I had was the ‘regular’ kind. My little one is now two, but when I was carrying her, she used to kick like crazy whenever I mentioned ‘Wal-Mart’! To this day, that is her favorite place to go. :)

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