(Prolifer)ations 6-11-09

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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Forest Nymph spotlights a
    CNS News report regarding the Obama administration’s call for a repeal of the Dornan Amendment….

    As it stands, this amendment states that “none of the funds appropriated under this Act shall be expended for any abortion” except in the cases of danger to the mother’s health, as well as rape and incest. The proposed amendment seeks to insert the word “federal” before “funds” in the law.
    Joy Yearout of the Susan B. Anthony List states the amendment “… creates a loophole to allow DC to use locally generated revenue from taxes to pay for abortions” instead of federal revenue.

  • Life Site News recently discussed Obama’s latest appointment, Alexia Kelley, to the Faith office of the HHS department.
    Kelley is a former advisor to the Kerry campaign, and founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. CACG was criticized in 2006 for the release of a booklet titled “Voting for the Common Good: A Practical Guide for Conscientious Catholics,” which maintained that social justice issues, including war and poverty, were equivocal with abortion.

  • Pro-Life with Christ reports on the first death due to physician-assisted suicide since the new law passed in Washington in November 2008.
    The article presents the usual rhetoric advanced by the right-to-die movement; namely, that the value of a person is measured by material standards, and goes on to propose several questions that follow from that perspective:

  • Is suicide really a way to honor life and preserve dignity?
  • What are the social and cultural implications of normalizing the “right to die?
  • Will voluntary physician-assisted suicide give way to involuntary physician-assisted suicide where doctors decide whether their patients would be better off dead?
  • Will the “right” to suicide be transmogrified into a “duty” to commit suicide?
  • Will the elderly who consume more than they produce be deemed “resource hogs” that have a duty to die and get out of the way?
  • In an age of scarce economic resources, will the critically ill or the handicapped or the demented be viewed as expendable by their younger, healthier counterparts?
  • The article also rebuffs the claim that physician-assisted suicide is “dying with dignity,” pointing out that it presents a false choice to the terminally ill – either they can die with dignity at the hands of their physician, or they can go on suffering needlessly and ignominiously.
    But targeting the terminally ill is only the beginning for the right-to-die movement. If quality of life becomes the measure of a person’s worth, the elderly, handicapped, and infirm are next in line for “dignified death.”
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  • 4 thoughts on “(Prolifer)ations 6-11-09”

    1. Nothing new under the sun here.
      When Medicaid/Medicare were establihed by Congress, Congressman Dingell inserted language that said plainly no Title X (?) funds shall be available to any organization that advocates or provides abortion as a method of family planning.
      To my knowledge that measure is still on the books as enacted, but now no organization who provides family planning is eligible to receive Title X funds who does NOT provide or refer for abortion.
      This came up during the Reagan administration when an official (an assistant secretary I believe) with the Department of Health and Human Services attempted to deny PP funds on the basis of the original language. Said secretary was asked nicely to resign. PP kept the money.
      It is not safe to touch the golden calf of liberal humanism. Even Ronald Reagan could not save this lady.
      yor bro ken

    2. Mr. Obama has know right to use americans hard earned money, in order to support the sloder of babies! And shame on the church, for allowing this murdering spree to continue, while at the same time passing judgment on a post abortive woman, who has repented of her sin, and is crying out to the church for mercy, she is judged, and told, “Well, you dicied to get an abortion, you got what you deserve!” Jesus Christ, didn’t beheave that way, and his church shouldn’t either! Lord, Forgive us. RJ

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