UPDATE, 5:18p: AUL’s legal team has assembled a “Top 10 questions to ask Judge Sotomayor” and is giving us the opportunity to vote for the 1 we’d most like to see asked.
Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee released its list of witnesses to testify at the confirmation hearings beginning Monday of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.
charmaine 2.jpgI’m excited and proud that Americans United For Life’s President Charmaine Yoest made the list of 14 for the minority party.
But I’m not excited she’s the lone pro-lifer. Noted David Weigel of The Washington Independent, “The presence of only one pro-life activist on the list is striking.” Indeed. It’s as if Republicans can’t read the polls, as if they have a (pro-)death wish.
Other witnesses on the Republican side: 3 will testify on the gun issue, 5 on affirmative action, 2 on constitutional law, 2 on presidential power (1 unknown: Peter Jeffries of P7 Enterprises).
And again, only 1 pro-lifer – on the issue of biggest concern to both sides re: Supreme Court nominees.