Thumbnail image for hodaricloseup.jpgDr. Monica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, issued a statement today revealing newly discovered information that MI late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari, pictured left, was fined $10k four months ago for his role in the 2003 death of 32-year-old Regina Johnson.
Johnson died from complications after a first trimester abortion committed at Hodari’s Womencare abortion mill in Lathrup Village….

According to court documents (here and here), the abortion was committed September 17, 2003, by abortionist Milton Nathanson, then employed by Hodari.
Johnson died September 18 from “anoxic encephalopathy due to cardiac arrest.” According to CPLS’s statement:

In addition to Hodari and Nathanson, anesthesiologist Barry Thompson and the abortion clinic’s nurse, Cathy Litchig were also implicated in Ms. Johnson’s death.
The Attorney General’s office… imposed the fine on Hodari March 4, 2009 – but the penalty only recently became publicly known. The complaint against Hodari found him guilty of “negligence,” “incompetence” and lacking in “good moral character.” Hodari paid the fine without contesting….
Nathanson submitted to retraining. Thompson and Litchig were both placed on probation for a period of time and also subjected to fines.

There was not that much more value placed on Johnson’s life than late-term abortionists charge to kill almost full-term babies.
hodari baby.jpgIf Hodari’s name sounds familiar, it’s because only 16 months ago members of CPLS found multiple remains of aborted babies as well as hundreds of medical records of aborting mothers in 2 of Hodari’s dumpsters.
For that, Hodari got a warning and is on probation.
In January 2008 Hodari garnered national attention for being caught on tape bragging during a lecture at Wayne State University in November 2007 that he didn’t wash hands between patients and had a “license to lie.”

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