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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People held its national convention in New York City last week.
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and Pastor Clenard Childress of also came to educate convention attendees (and NYC) on how abortion targets blacks for genocide, since the NAACP leadership is unwilling.
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According to CBR’s press statement:

With 33% of all abortions performed on black women – that is black genocide. With over half of all pregnancies to black women ending in abortion – that is black genocide. When African-Americans make up 13% of the population but continue to kill babies at such an astounding rate, it is past time to confront the leadership of the NAACP in their complicity in black genocide.

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The groups also showed Barack and Michelle Obama “Choice” signs, “exposed the NAACP delegates to the reality of… the radical positions of America’s pro-infanticide President Barack Obama,” according to the release.
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