carhart 7.jpgAccording to the Medical News Today, today:

In the wake of the shooting death of abortion provider George Tiller, physician LeRoy Carhart says he plans to open a facility in KS that will provide abortion services later in pregnancy….
Carhart – who operates an abortion clinic in Bellevue, NE [pictured below]- is one of the 4 physicians who performed abortions at Tiller’s Wichita clinic before it closed following his death on May 31….

carhart mill 2.jpg

Carhart said that Wichita would be his “main choice” for a location and that his attorney has spoken with the Tiller family’s lawyer. He added that it is too soon to make a formal announcement about the location.
Following Carhart’s statements, the antiabortion group Operation Rescue said that it is launching a “Keep It Closed” campaign and will protest at Carhart’s clinic in NE from Aug. 28-29….

I’d suggest LeRoy patch up his 1st slumdog abortion mill before expanding. Or perhaps he’s going for Mumbai chic.
mumbai slum.jpg