Przystanek Woodstock, translated “Woodstock Stop” in English, is billed as “the biggest open-air festival in Europe.” Held annually in Poland since 1995 to commemorate America’s 1969 Woodstock, it draws 200-400k people.
Here are some of the tamer photos from this year’s event, held July 31-August 2, to give you an idea of the magnitude and type of people Woodstock Stop attracts, all courtesy of Reuters:
woodstock stop 2.jpg

woodstock stop 1.jpg
woodstock stop 3.jpg
woodstock stop 4.jpg
A Polish pro-life group under the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform umbrella translated some of CBR’s graphic signs, like these in a photo taken at another event:
Poland 1.jpg
The pro-lifers alerted authorities 8 days before Woodstock Stop of their plans to erect a display, and then did so on municipal land, in a “good place opposite to the entrance to the festival,” according to an email from 1 of the organizers, Mariusz Dzierzawski.
On the 1st day of Woodstock Stop, planners threatened pro-lifers to either remove the display or they would. The pro-lifers pushed back, and planners backed away.
Pro-lifers took turns guarding the display during the night, but according to Mariusz:

At 3 45 a.m. more than 10 men came with knives and in 2 minutes destroyed our billboards and ran away.

Just imagine. What brave people. Continuing the email:

The girls reported the attack to the police and informed press. Media was very interested in the incident because the slogan of the festival is love and tolerance. 4 TV stations showed the information.
On Saturday afternoon, when we were giving interviews to media, and the girls were trying to mend the billboards (I thought that it was crazy idea) came 10 festival guards and their chief gave them an order to dismantle and take the exhibition. They did. My lawyer thinks that they broke the law. I reported the situation to the police. Media are still interested. I’m going to go to the court.

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In America, of course there would have been no doubt these thugs broke the law. In fact, police would never have let them get this far – in broad daylight! We think we are persecuted in the U.S. for standing our ground, we really have no idea.
God bless these dear Polish pro-lifers.