Healthcare debacle and GOP have pro-aborts on the run

halvorson 6.jpgUPDATE, 12:31p: My own rabid pro-abort representative, Debbie Halvorson, who I famously tangled with during the brief moment in time when mandating the HPV vaccination to preteen girls was the cool thing for legislators to do, is on the GOP’s micro-target list of 13 within its larger target list of 70.
Halvorson, who supports socialized healthcare, has thus far refused to hold a townhall meeting during summer recess. Tomorrow Thursday (August 13) I’ll take part in a “We want a meeting!” protest at Halvorson’s office at 116 N. Chicago St., Joliet, IL, from 11:30a-1p. If you live in my district, consider joining in?
I was just thinking this morning it has been awhile since I received an email alert from Planned Parenthood (July 24) or NARAL (August 3) on the healthcare debate. I wondered if there was a connection to Obama’s glaring omission of abortion on his new Reality Check website….

I’ll have more on that omission in my column tomorrow, but my thought today was perhaps pro-aborts have decided to stop talking about abortion in hopes of making the conversation go away.
Or perhaps they’ve shut themselves down because protesting too much is and will come back to bite them. If mandated abortion coverage isn’t in the plan, why fight amendments specifying abortion coverage won’t be in the plan?
So then I got the following email from EMILY’s List and see that healthcare in general, and likely the abortion chatter, is hurting pro-aborts (click to enlarge):
DeLauro letter emily's list.jpg
Indeed, according to Politics Daily, August 3:

The National Republican Congressional Committee has identified 70 Democrats to target for the 2010 election, according to an email obtained by AOL Politics Daily….
The email sent from an NRCC staffer to Republican PACs says that “we have the opportunity to focus on many more districts and some unusual districts that haven’t been targeted in a long time.”…
Currently the GOP has 178 seats, so the party would need to win 40 more to regain the majority, but Republicans see the momentum moving in their direction. “Many Democrats are on the defense in their districts now,” said the NRCC’s eCampaign Director, John Randall….
The list of 70 districts includes many freshman and sophomore members, as well as a large number from conservative districts, where polls show low support for government handling of the economic recession and health care reform….

Keep up the pressure!

5 thoughts on “Healthcare debacle and GOP have pro-aborts on the run”

  1. “Republicans will do whatever it takes to regain majority in the house.”
    Well, no duh, genius. They’re a political party. And you want to know a very big secret? Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep majority in the house, too. Say it isn’t so! It’s called politics. And they’re called politicians. It doesn’t matter which party that they belong to.
    What, did you honestly think that modern politics represented the Everyman? Good guacamole, woman, you have a lot to learn about everyday Americans and where we stack up in the politician’s list of priorities…

  2. The silence on abortion is deliberate. This is the same strategy that they pulled during the election. The true intent is being taken care of, so they don’t have to advocate, which would only raise more questions.
    This is actually an interesting thing, because it means they won’t fight back on this point – we should press strongly on this issue, about abortion being mandated within healthcare.
    The entire Tiller thing raised awareness quite a bit – this would take it up another notch – particularly if the future taxpayers were being aborted at government request (we’ll pay for the abortion, but not the birth).
    All their arguments would have to be laid out on the table for real.

  3. “perhaps pro-aborts have decided to stop talking about abortion in hopes of making the conversation go away. ”
    I agree with Chris…it’s their “out sight-out of mind” mentality.
    That’s why they’re so upset everytime they see pro-lifers with their “dirty” pictures…it conflicts with their agenda.

  4. Hey Jill, how about a friendly bet.
    My Congressional district (CO-4 w/ pro-abortion Betsy Markey) is on the NRCC micro list as well (w/ pro-life Corey Gardner as the challenger). How about a bet that whomever between us gets their representative replaced with the pro-life challenger (I assume Kinsinger is pro-life) gets a $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant.
    If you get Halvorson replaced you get the gift card and, likewise, if I get Markey on the unemployment line it goes to me.
    And if we both win, well, we can sing the Hallelujah chorus together! :)
    Whatddya think? A little vs. Pro-Life Pulse competition? Will be fun to root for each other!
    Besides, I have it made. I figure if I can hire an ACORN worker on electon day at $5 an hour for 8 hours then I come away with the gift card and make ten bucks. Of course you live in Chicago, so maybe I’m losing from the start. lol

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