lou dobbs logo 2.jpgLiberal Christian Obama supporter Jim Wallis debated FRC’s Tony Perkins on CNN’s Lou Dobbs show August 25.
In that segment Wallis admitted…

… There is a consensus in the faith community that federal funds should be prohibited from paying for abortions in a healthcare bill. That’s where we have to go. Are all the bills clear on that now? Not yet. They’re making progress on the Hill. We’re not there yet….
The president has said that he doesn’t want federal funds to pay for abortions….

To which Perkins responded:

If we could take the issue of abortion and this end-of-life counseling off the table, we could have a legitimate discussion over healthcare. But the president has refused to let his yes be yes and his no be no, to borrow a passage from Scripture, and say, “All right, I’ll accept one of the dozen amendments that’s been offered in committee that would say ‘no’ to taxpayer funded abortion. He’s yet to do that….

Watch the entire segment…

BTW, Obama has most definitely not said he “doesn’t want federal funds to pay for abortions.” He has said the opposite.
I’ve previously posted AUL’s video excerpting from Obama’s now infamous speech at a 2007 Planned Parenthood event that he considered “reproductive care” to be “essential care… basic care. And so it is at the center and at the heart of the plan that I propose.”
The National Right to Life Committee at StoptheAbortionAgenda.com has posted a similar video clip but with a nice tag at the end of Hillary Clinton testifying in April 2009 that “reproductive health includes access to abortion.” Here ’tis…

Wallis was likely referring to Obama’s July 21 interview with Katie Couric. But even then Obama did not say what Wallis said he said. Read carefully:

You know, what I think is important at this stage is not trying to micromanage what benefits are covered. …
As you know, I’m pro-choice, but I think we also have a tradition in this town historically of not financing abortions as part of government, you know, funded health care. And rather than wade into the issue at this point, I think it is appropriate for us to figure out how to deliver on the cost savings and not get distracted on the abortion debate at this stage.

Obama only quoted history. He did not say he agreed with it. Classic Obama. We have to watch his wordsmithing as closely as we had to watch Bill Clinton’s.
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