17 thoughts on “If abortion isn’t in healthcare, why did NARAL send this text message?”

  1. I don’t care who you are, noone owes anything for elective procedures, government or no. Insurance companies can come and go as they please, but as long as there is a public option and tax money is going there, elective procedures should not be covered. And in fact if these are the reasons the blue dogs oppose the bill, just give it to them. It can only bolster support but of course that would require pro-choice people to compromise on the issue which they have no desire to do.

  2. Could it be because some women currently have coverage for abortion through their private insurance and there is concern from NARAL that abortion coverage would be lost in the reform?

  3. Ok then, nine, either they are lying about abortion being covered in the healthcare bill, OR they are lying about people being able to keep their current coverage.
    Lying is lying, and abortion being covered in a public plan of any stripe is 100% unacceptable.

  4. Yes, Jill Stanek is a nurse turned speaker, columnist and a blogger. But she is also a republica, a Fix News Contributor, a pharisee, and a liar. I am a senior citizen with a government run health care plan that we call MEDICARE. I am also a member of AARP. AARP just cleared the myth and scare tactics of these individuals that are trying to protect big insurance companies using all kind of falacies. Abortion is a personal issue. Just teach your children respect for God and life and they will learn how to make the right decision. In the meantime lets take on big pharmas and the health care insurance companies that are driving so many people to the land of no-where. By the way according to Billy Krystal the republican conservative, the best health care plan besides Medicare is managed by the Veterans Administration (VA Health Care ). Like Medicare the VA health care plan is a government plan.

  5. Back up your assertion that Jill Stanek is a liar, “Joe”. What exactly did she lie about?
    When we call Obama a liar, at least we have something to back those words up with.

  6. “AARP just cleared the myth and scare tactics ”
    Hmmm…I’d like to get a copy of that, Joe…can you provide a link to what they supposedly “cleared”??

  7. Joe: AARP’s “clarification” was simply a warmed over version of White House talking points. Their comments cannot be considered either objective or credible.
    Curiously, AARP, who purports to represent the interests of their members, did not address the matter of abortion funding. One would think that most seniors would not take well to paying for the destruction of innocent unborn babies, much less the possibility of their taxes being used to abort their own grandchildren.
    On this the AARP is a fraud.

  8. The VA is a joke! How quickly we forget the outrage over our vetran’s healthcare. It seems some are only outraged about subpar care when a Republican is in the whitehouse.
    VA hospitals have either killed, or nearly killed, both of my grandfathers and my husband’s grandfather.
    Come back to me when a VA hospital actually gives a damn.

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