Join “Void the Abortion Mandate” virtual rally TODAY

DavidBrody_Blog_MD.jpgUPDATE, 1:12p: David Brody of began his story on the Void the Abortion Mandate campaign today, along with poll findings by the Susan B. Anthony List, like this:

You have to hand it to pro-lifers. They don’t give it. They are tenacious for sure and today they were back at it with new poll numbers showing that Americans are just not into government funding of abortions when it comes to health care. They also have started a new national campaign called, “Void the Abortion Mandate.”

Yeah, pro-lifers!
void the abortion mandate.jpg
Click on the voided check above or go to to participate in a virtual rally TODAY.
What to do?…

1. Clicking on the voided check will get you to a prewritten letter (that you can edit if you’d like) that, along with the voided check, will be automatically emailed to your own U.S. senators and representative when you fill in your name and address.
2. Download the voided check and upload it to all your social networking profiles, like Facebook and Twitter. Use this sample status message to educate and empower your family and friends to take action:

President Obama Wrong! Abortion IS covered in current health care reform legislation:

3. Send your family and friends the chart below (click to enlarge; available in pdf form here) to educate them on exactly how the government will fund abortion if any of the current healthcare bills pass.
stopabortionmandate diagram.jpg
4. Educate yourself on the myth President Obama continues to perpetuate, as he did again last night, that abortion isn’t in the healthcare plans. IT IS. Get the facts at (Scroll to #4.)

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