UPDATE, 7:15p: Facebook friend Adam received a response from officials at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. An ADF rep told me it expected ETCH to say, “It’s all a lie!” as all hospitals seem to do in cases like this, even while agreeing in court to back away.
UPDATE, 3:45p: The ADF lawsuit and pro-life hubbub caused the “ethics panel” to decide today to formally agree not to withdraw care for Baby Gabriel. Thanks to all who reposted and called the hospital!
ADF writes:

The agreement between the hospital and Baby Gabriel’s mother has not yet been put in writing. ADF attorneys are withdrawing their motion for a temporary restraining order but will not withdraw the complaint until a written agreement is finalized. Until then, the lawsuit is still active.
ADF legal counsel Matt Bowman said, “We are pleased with the ethic panel’s decision but look forward to full resolution in writing so Baby Gabriel’s life will no longer be in danger.”

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpg1:39p: The Alliance Defense Fund just filed an emergency injunction and restraining order in response to the decision an “ethics panel” at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital was scheduled to make a couple hours ago to discontinue care of 9-month-old Gabriel Palmer.
According to an ADF press release

Baby Gabriel was born prematurely with a genetic abnormality, club foot, and narrow airway, but he flourished when he went home from the hospital in June, where he grew, played, and received physical therapy while going to regular doctor visits. He was fed through a tube and received some oxygen and medications.

gabriel palmer, alert, east tennessee children's hospital.jpg

On an October weekend when the baby’s regular doctors were unavailable, Palmer took her son to the ETCH emergency room because of breathing problems. After interventions by the medical staff, the baby went into shock, developed pulmonary vascular disease, and was placed on a respirator.

Despite the complications, Baby Gabriel is in stable condition, and an ETCH doctor determined he could live “a long while.” The child is alert, active, and responsive when not sedated. In recent days while awake, he spent time kicking his feet, tried to play with his stuffed animals, listened to his mother and grandmother, and responded to his favorite music.

Here’s new video of Gabriel, showing him alert:

The ADF press release continues:
kevin brinkmann, gabriel palmer, easter tennessee chidlren's hospital.jpg

ETCH recently began giving up on Baby Gabriel’s care, and on Nov. 13, the head of ETCH’s PICU, Dr. Kevin Brinkmann [pictured right], told Palmer that the hospital was going to stop feeding him milk and giving him his medications, as well as disconnect his respirator, because the staff considered his care “futile.”
Brinkmann said a formal “ethics panel” meeting at 12p EST Monday would determine whether to stop treating Baby Gabriel, but he noted that the decision was already a foregone conclusion. Ethics panel members have already said they will decide to cease the baby’s care despite his mother’s objections. ETCH’s policies declare that treatment can be withdrawn over the family’s objections as soon as the ethics panel makes its decision.

east tennessee children's hospital, gabriel palmer, kevin brinkmann.png

After doctors decided that Baby Gabriel was not worth treating, ETCH started discriminating against him by denying his basic care. Staff stopped bathing him, ceased applying cream to alleviate his chapped skin, reduced his diaper changes, and have not allowed his physical therapy. ETCH doctors have also discouraged Palmer’s attempts to have her son transferred to other medical facilities where he could receive treatment.
ADF filed the motion for restraining order and injunction in Palmer v. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Association… which has set a hearing… for 3::30p EST Monday….

Call the ETCH Community Relations Office at 865-541-8165 to express your outrage. I just did.

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