“House Call II” Capitol rally planned for tomorrow

Press release from Congressman Steve King (IA-5)

Second “House Call” event planned for tomorrow
King calls on American people to come to DC and kill PelosiCare

Congressman Steve King today made the following statement calling on American citizens to come to Washington this weekend to stop a government takeover of health care.

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Nancy Pelosi and Washington liberals cannot ignore what transpired yesterday in Washington. Americans from every state stormed Capitol Hill. They took over the Hill. And they loudly chanted ‘Kill this bill!’…

“We can kill this bill and stop the government takeover of health care. We need the help of every American willing to stand up for freedom and liberty. I urge all Americans who oppose this bill to come to Washington tomorrow morning and join us to stop this bill.”
Tomorrow at 1p Congressman King will join his Republican colleagues and Americans from across the nation seeking to have their voices heard in the health care debate for a second House Call press event. Republicans and other participants will deliver a message that the American people reject a government takeover of health care.
When: Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.
Where: U.S. Capitol

[Photo of House Call I via moderator Bethany’s parents!]

10 thoughts on ““House Call II” Capitol rally planned for tomorrow”

  1. “Nancy Pelosi and Washington liberals cannot ignore what transpired yesterday in Washington.”
    Au contraire. I think everyone is ignoring it pretty well.
    I had to really search to find any mention of it on several news websites.

  2. The utter panic on the part of the far right portends very well for health care reform. I think enough members of Congress will listen to the vast majority who want health care reform and the public option and ignore the ignorant few who are bussed in by the lobbyists and corporate interests and told to make noise.

  3. There is a bit of false bravado present when we see liberals saying all is well, even as they pretend to ignore the huge developments that are currently taking place. Virginia and New Jersey are just the beginning.
    Just because the liberal news media is hiding the reality from the public does not mean it isn’t happening. Case in point: when was the last time we saw a word of coverage of the annual pro-life march on Washington in January? And even though they dismissed or vastly underreported the Sept.12 gathering of hundreds of thousands it doesn’t mean it did not happen.
    Actually, now that we have a pervasive alternative media, the public is becoming all the more aware of the extreme bias of mainstream media–to the point where if a story is reported one way by the MSM, the accuracy of the report is automatically discounted. The reader goes to a few favorite internet news sources and finds out what is really the case. This is true for both the left and the right.

  4. Oh yes, I’m super rich because all of my posts are subsidized by insurance companies.
    Do you think about what you say before you say it?

  5. I had to really search to find any mention of it on several news websites.
    Posted by: Hal at November 6, 2009 5:39 PM
    If you are getting your “news” from Huff post MSLSD and Daily Kos I’m not surprised.

  6. If you are offended by that word, don’t look up the meaning of the title of Sarah Palin’s book.
    Perhaps, I should call the protestors “the Fox News sponsored ‘grassroots’ group, under the orders of Dick Armey and the health insurance lobby, bussed in by right wing billionaire David Koch”, but that is a bit cumbersome. What do they wish to be called?

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