Not enough, Nancy? Health care vote may be delayed

pelosi.jpgThis today, from the AP:

House Democrats acknowledged they don’t yet have the votes to pass a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health care system, and signaled they may push back the vote until Sunday or early next week….
The apparent problem: Democrats have yet to resolve intraparty disputes over abortion funding and illegal immigrants’ access to health care.
[Rep. Steny] Hoyer (D) sought to pin the blame for any possible slippage on delaying tactics expected from Republicans, who unanimously oppose the health care remake. But he acknowledged that Democrats are still short of the 218 votes they need to pass the bill.

“There are many people who are still trying to get a comfort level that this is the right thing to do,” said Hoyer. “We’re very close.”….
Asked Thursday if she had the votes, Speaker Nancy Pelosi replied: “We will.”….
Democrats were trying to toughen prohibitions in the bill against federal funding for abortions in a way that would satisfy enough anti-abortion Democrats. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was involved in the talks and a resolution appeared within reach late Thursday.

And one has to wonder if the general public even realizes this little gem of a fact–that health care isn’t free:

For the first time, almost all individuals would be required to purchase insurance or pay a fine, and employers would be required to insure their employees….

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3 thoughts on “Not enough, Nancy? Health care vote may be delayed”

  1. Yoo-hoo Mr.Hoyer. You don’t need the Republicans to do squat. YOU have the Democrat majority and could pass this tomorrow if all the Democrats would just fall into line.

  2. “And one has to wonder if the general public even realizes this little gem of a fact–that health care isn’t free….
    No! Say it isn’t so!!
    As they say: TANSTAAFL!

  3. Even with big majorities in Congress Barry can’t get his radical agenda passed.
    And next year when the Republicans take back Congress he will be the biggest lame duck ever.
    I guess the results of Virginia and New Jersey weren’t enough of a warning for the far left. Independents voted overwhelmingly for Republicans.
    Can’t wait for Nov 2010!

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