UPDATE, 11:55a: Here’s one more pro-life cartoon. I wasn’t sure where the writer was going but checked with a friend at NRLC who explained, “The cartoonist means that Obama thinks we are a bunch of turkeys, and he means to cut our throats.” Ah, ok, got it.
by Chuck Asay at Townhall.com
cartoon 11-15 chuck asay gocomics 11-13 nrlc place at the table.gif
7:31a: I thought last Sunday we would see a lot of political cartoons springing from passage of the Stupak/Pitts pro-life amendment to the House healthcare bill. And so it was.
First, the pro-life view…
by Chip Bok at Townhall.com

cartoon 11-15 chip bok gocomics 11-14 no jail late term abortion but for health ins.gif
Then the pro-abort view…
by Jim Morin at GoComics.com
cartoon 11-15 jim morin gocomics 11-11 prolife 44k dead no insurance.gif
by Steve Sack at GoComics.com
steve sack.gif
… and I got a laugh out of this last one by pro-abort Signe Wilkinson at GoComics.com. Wilkinson thought he was so clever to find an apparent inconsistency in our logic but actually made our point. Pro-lifers consistently strive to protect all innocent human life…
cartoon 11-15 signe wilksinson gocomics 11-12 death panel no pro life panel yes.gif

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