I’m only posting this 1st item because it fits with the theme of the 2nd: Pro-life blogger Chris DeVries is putting his “butt on the line” on eBay, auctioning his behind for a tattoo that says “Pro-Life.” Quite original but the starting bid is a tad high, even if there is numerical significance.
Moving on, Saturday Night Live skewered Obama this past weekend for either the 2nd or 3rd time, depending on how you count. My husband and I watched the sketch and thought it was rich on truth even if lean on laughs, despite the crude “butt” patches. But both Left and Right media are reading a deeper message in it. More on that in a sec. 1st, here ’tis…

Wrote Steve Pendlebury at Sphere.com

It’s always been a good sign for SNL when people are still talking about the show on Monday morning. That’s happening more often now that the venerable comedy program is sharpening its satire of President Barack Obama.
This weekend’s show opened with a parody of Obama’s news conference with China’s president that included jabs at the administration’s spending on economic stimulus, health care reform, bailouts and Cash for Clunkers. America’s $800 billion debt to China was the butt of many jokes.
“Remember this moment, folks,” Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood announced. “One year after Obama’s election and just more than 10 months into his administration, SNL takes its first crack at Obama for something other than not being left enough.”
But it’s not the first time SNL has generated buzz by skewering President Obama. At the beginning of October, pundits declared the caustic “do-nothing Obama” sketch a turning point in the popular perception of the new president. CNN took it so seriously it actually fact-checked the comedy bit – setting off a 2nd wave of mockery.
SNL’s awakening is a sign that Obama’s honeymoon is over,” said Ellie Velinska on Right Pundits.com, who saw the China news conference skit as a reflection of a “public revolt against some of Obama’s policies.”
Black Conservative’s Clifton B agreed. “There appears to be growing noise on the left that Obama ain’t all that,” he blogged.
While rejecting the idea that “liberal comedians are somehow arbiters of popular culture, let alone public policy,” Power Line’s John Hinderaker said Saturday’s “sometimes-funny” sketch did “seem significant.”

Never fear, to assure the audience it wasn’t veering right, SNL also lambasted Sarah Palin in a mock ad about a new disaster movie on her 2012 election as prez… with Glenn Beck as her VP…

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