Pro-aborts contribute 6x more to US senators than pro-lifers

From, December 9:
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As the US Senate weighs contentious changes to federal abortion policy, the Center for Responsive Politics has also found that pro-choice interests have given sitting senators roughly 6 times as much as pro-life interests have contributed to them.

Overall, individuals and political action committees classified by the Center as part of the abortion rights lobby have contributed about $3.4 million to current senators since 1989….

By contrast, individuals and PACs classified by the Center as part of the anti-abortion lobby have contributed just $559k to current senators during the same period….

Makes sense. Pro-aborts contribute to pro-abort politicians from their treasure trove of abortion profits, contraceptive sales – and taxpayer funding for “family planning.” Then pro-abort politicians turn around and give the abortion industry more taxpayer funding.
Pro-lifers contribute to pro-life politicians from their personal blood, sweat, and tears and get nothing personally back in return, just potentially saved lives.
But this is a reminder of one of the lures we’re up against. We do have to contribute to pro-life candidates as generously as possible.

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