It’s getting late for Planned Parenthood to begin promoting its annual “Choice on Earth” holiday cards, but the abortion behemoth hasn’t done so yet this year, hm.
Could it be the gross gimmick was a financial loser? Or perhaps PP decided it can’t handle any more negative publicity at the moment and prefers to lay low?
choice-on-earth.gifWhatever, the Evidence for God blog has graciously gone ahead and designed a “Choice on Earth” card for PP this year, left.
I stated in a 2007 post that PP began marketing its “Choice on Earth” cards in 1994, but now I can’t find where I got that date.
As far as I can tell PP has for sure been selling its blasphemous cards since 2002, apparently skipping 2006.
This year all I see PP hawking this holiday season are gift certificates, once again offered by PP of IN (click to enlarge)…
Planned Parenthood of Indiana, gift certificates, abortion.png
Planned Parenthood cookies, abortion 3.png… and PP cookies offered by PP of Northern FL (click graphic for enlarged view).
Interestingly, it looks as if PP Golden Gate’s store has shut down. Too bad. The flamboyant PPGG previously brought us “A Superhero for Choice,” a cartoon depicting violence against pro-lifers that included decapitation, and its own Hanukkah styled “choice” card.

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