Recalling the Rev. Jeremiah Wright once famously accused the “government … [of] inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color,” it is ironic that his protégé, Barack Obama, along with other carriers of the deadly diseases of political correctness and liberal ideology, would actually be the ones guilty of spreading not only HIV but other plagues.
Three significant events of the past 2 weeks may at first appear unrelated but aren’t:

  • Dec. 27, 2009: While researching the worldwide epidemic of drug-resistant diseases, the Associated Press uncovers and reports what has been “dreaded and expected for years – this country’s 1st case of a contagious, aggressive, especially drug-resistant form of tuberculosis.”

    oswaldo juarez, tuberculosis, abortion, sexually transmitted disease, sexaully transmitted infection, STD, STI, HIV, AIDS.JPEGPreviously unknown to the public, the AP discloses that now 21-year-old Peruvian exchange student Oswaldo Juarez, pictured right, began treatment in 2007 at the last remaining TB sanitarium in the United States, located in South FL, for 1 of only 5 cases of XXDR TB known worldwide. Symptoms abated, and Juarez was released back into the U.S. in July 2009.
  • Jan. 1, 2010: The state of IL becomes the 21st state, along with the city of Baltimore, to enact “expedited partner therapy” legislation. Such laws allow patients being treated for either chlamydia or gonorrhea, both sexually transmitted diseases, to receive as many blank prescriptions or one-time doses of antibiotics as the number of sexual partners they say they have had within the previous 60 days. Minors as young as 12 years old can obtain scripts or meds without parental knowledge.
  • Jan. 4, 2010: The Centers for Disease Control enacts an order by President Obama, lifting the 22-year ban against HIV positive foreigners entering the U.S. Pre-admissive HIV testing will no longer be required either, so infected immigrants will be untrackable.
  • To begin connecting the dots, Homeland Security Today on Dec. 29 reported on the scale of diseases resistant to drug treatment…
    Continue reading my column today, “Under Obama, STD super strains all the rage,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

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