I previously discussed the January 22 Newsweek blog post by Krista Gesaman with this wildly inaccurate title and premise…
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Gesaman is getting hammered in the comments section for that, but she made another false statement…

But there will be one major difference with the demonstration route this year – it’s shorter.
“The organizers are getting older, and it’s more difficult for them to walk a long distance,” says Stanley Radzilowski, an officer in the planning unit for the Washington, DC, police department. A majority of the participants are in their 60s and were the original pioneers either for or against the case, he says….

I contacted Peter Shinn of Pro-Life Unity, who actually draws the March for Life map every year.
Peter said this was at least the 4th year pro-lifers have marched the same route, and the pre-March rally has moved even further away – by 3 blocks.
So while it is conceivable some pro-lifers might have taken a shortcut to Constitution Ave. from 4th St. for the 2007 March, they have lost that option. Bottom line, Stanley Radzilowski, whoever he is, was both factually and geriatrically incorrect, and a gullible Gesaman spouted his nonsense without doing a simple map check.
Here are the maps. Click to enlarge…