I previously blogged on Krista Gesaman’s egregiously false Newsweek post on the March for Life here and here.
Big journalism, Jill stanek, Newsweek, abortion, Krista Gesaman, March for Life.pngDue to persistent prodding by dear moderator Carder, I approached Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism to join forces with it as a blogger and was accepted. My first post, up today, is on the Newsweek flak.
To update, on January 25 Gesaman posted a nonmea culpa:

There has been quite a storm in the conservative blogosphere over my look-ahead post on the Roe v. Wade anniversary rallies from Friday morning. The bloggers seem to think that I intentionally, or ignorantly, conflated pro-choice young feminists, who I predicted would come out in smaller numbers than their older counterparts, with young pro-life activists….

In fact, my intention, which I acknowledge should have been articulated more clearly, was to note that left-leaning young women who have grown up since Roe v. Wade tend to be less viscerally motivated by the need to preserve Roe. Pro-life young women, on the other hand, have grown up objecting to the status quo on abortion law, and are more likely to be politically active on the subject, as my quote from Olivia Gans demonstrates.

1st, her piece was not a “look-ahead.” By its very title (“Who’s missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade‘ anniversary demonstrations? Young women”) Gesaman portended her piece to be a retrospective.
2nd, Gesaman totally ignored the charges made by 99% of the 99 commenters to date: That she misrepresented the demographics of March for Life attendees and falsely claimed its route had been shortened to account for its decrepit population.
I wrote in a comment that it appears Gesaman and Newsweek are attempting the arrogant, cowardly, and dishonest tactic of riding out the storm sans a retraction.
They may succeed, but we won’t make it easy for them. They not only smear pro-lifers, they also betray Newsweek readers expecting honest reporting.

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