Be My Bloody Valentine: Cards for abortionists

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Our good friend Valerie MK at 2 Seconds Faster got wind of this one.
Jodi Magee, CEO and prez of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, sent an email to the group’s list encouraging friends to send VD cards to their favorite abortionists:

Let pro-choice physicians know that you appreciate them. With the stigma and harassment our doctors face, they deserve to know that they make us proud.

Handily, PRCH sells the cards, along with other trinkets for abortionist fans.
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17 thoughts on “Be My Bloody Valentine: Cards for abortionists”

  1. It’s just another lame attempt to make America believe that the Pro-death movement is picking up steam! And it’s not. Most of the women I associate with who have had abortions, never say things like “I’m so thankful I had a choice to abort and a doctor to do it.” Nope. They don’t talk about it. They want to forget about it. Funny how every day chitter chatter at work is filled with women who are so proud of their kids and their accomplishments! “My son/daughter is going to such and such college.”…and pictures, pictures!!! Gotta love those cutie kiddies!! Nope. You just don’t hear women talking about their abortions. Not with pride anyway. Put out all the cards you want to. There is still a stigma attached to abortion!

  2. Everything the abortionists say has to be put in quotation marks. This is because the anti-unborn human rights movement is the most intellectually dishonest movement in history. So, we have to say:
    “Physicians” for “Reproductive” “Choice” and “Health” (which is quite a mouthful).
    This is necessary because , in addition to doing hideous violence to our children, they also do violence to the English language.
    The proper way to refer to that organization would be:
    Criminal Abortionists And Supporters For Unlimited Killing Of Unborn Human Beings

  3. For the record, that was “MK”, not “Val” over at 2secondsfaster that got sent this in an email of all things…lol…we share the blog.

  4. Can I make a Valentine’s Day card that says, “But I Prefer Equal Right?”
    They can send the abortion providers cards if they want. It doesn’t matter to me. But I would prefer to try and do something special to let the people of Darfur know that they are remembered, too (even if they don’t know who I am).

  5. Well, I finally posted on 2secondsfaster today, MK, so I guess it’s only appropriate that you post here today. We really miss you :(

  6. Hey Bobby, Hey Chris…
    I only posted because I knew people here remember me and I wanted them to know I was still alive. That’s why I corrected the post. Me, Val, makes no difference really, it’s all 2secondsfaster, but it was my subtle way of saying HI ALL! Anywho, back to 2seconds…and I really hope this comment only posts once.
    Sheesh, you’d think I was trying to make up for lost time by doubling up on my comments! lol

  7. Bizarro. Even if you were so pro-choice that you really did want to write something to abortionists thanking them, why would you do it on Valentine’s Day? Isn’t one of the talking points of at least one subset of pro-choicers that abortion is emotional and tragic, but women should still be able to choose it? Why bring up tragedy on Valentine’s Day?
    Well, I guess it could have been worse – they could have picked the Feast of the Holy Innocents as a designated day to thank an abortionist.

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