Hodari bus stop, abortion 2.jpg
I reported February 9 that late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari had closed 1 of his 6 MI mills….

Pro-lifer Lynn Mills spotted wires hanging down over one of the entrances of the abandoned mill, snapped a photo (see link), and reported the hazard to the Livonia Fire Department.
At the time Lynn told me Hodari’s mill was a bus stop, which I frankly had a hard time believing. But it’s true. Today Lynn drove by and saw kids trying to knock down huge icicles from the building while waiting for their bus – right around the corner from those wires – a double hazard.
Hodari bus stop, abortion.jpg
Lynn has asked another pro-lifer who lives nearby to daily report these hazards to authorities until they’re taken care of.
My experience is authorities are lenient with abortionists and mills, either because they don’t want to appear prejudiced, or because they dismiss pro-life complaints as illegitimate.
Like Lynn wrote, “We know they don’t care about babies in the womb. How about the born ones?

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