UPDATE, 3:27p: Pastor Mark sent me a link to the following video. It is a clip of the courtroom scene on January 28. It shows how Scott Roeder was stifled from talking about the very reason he murdered George Tiller – abortion.

The entire point of my WND column today is no matter what Roeder’s crime, he was entitled to due process under the law, and he did not get it. He was not allowed to discuss what drove him to murder Tiller.

In this clip Judge Wilbert admonishes Roeder to stop talking about abortion. Incredibly Wilbert says, “Mr. Roeder, I’m going to tell you right now you cannot discuss specifics of medical procedures. That’s outside the scope of what’s relevant material, and you certainly don’t have the medical background to testify to those….”

Outside the “scope of what’s relevant”? Roeder should have been allowed to state his understanding. It’s what made him do what he did. It would have aided his defense of voluntary manslaughter, which the judge also stopped.

UPDATE, 9:34a: Dr. Monica Miller of “The moral principles of the use of force.” With that as her backdrop, Dr. Miller concluded the following about the Roeder case, per a January 29 email…

1) According to principles articulated in my paper, Roeder’s killing of abortionist George Tiller was an illicit use of force, even though his motive was licit.

2) Roeder is not morally guilty of murder. Murder is the morally unjustified taking of innocent human life. Roeder is not guilty of that. He is guilty of an unjustified use of force against an unjust aggressor and so the judge in Roeder’s case should have permitted the jury to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, and he did not.

3) The Roeder trial was not a fair trial as long as the victims of abortion were dismissed as non-persons and Tiller’s killing of the innocent was never a consideration. And unfortunately since, legally speaking, no injury is cause to the unborn in abortion, Roeder’s defense was, from the start, restricted, unfair and unbalanced.

[HT: friend Kneale]

The actual translation of Exodus 20:13 from the Hebrew is, “Thou shalt not murder,” indicating a premeditated, uncivil act.

The Bible considers murder the ultimate violation of the sanctity of human life, requiring the ultimate punishment. So Exodus 21:14 makes perfect sense to state, “If anyone schemes and kills someone deliberately,” that person shall be “put to death.”

I would have had no problem with late-term abortionist George Tiller being sentenced to death by a jury of his peers for committing thousands of murders of preborn children. In recent days both President Obama and his spokesman, Robert Gibbs, have endorsed the execution of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. KSM’s actions were no more heinous than GT’s.

But I did have a problem with Scott Roeder murdering Tiller. It was a premeditated, uncivil act.

A pocket of pro-lifers think killing abortionists is just because it stops them from murdering preborn babies when unjust laws or public officials won’t. If one believes in the full humanity of the preborn, they say, use of force is as justified to save their lives as it would be to save a classroom of kindergartners from being murdered.

Scott Roeder was obviously a member of that camp.

Roeder’s defense team wanted to show that Roeder “reasonably believe[d]… deadly force [was] necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to… a third person,” according to KS law, the “third person[s]” being preborn children….

Continue reading my column today, “With Roeder trial, abortion dodges another bullet,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

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