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  • DE Board of Medical Practice will have a hearing today to possibly suspend the medical license of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell has been licensed there since 1994.
  • New Yorker blogger Amy Davidson was shocked to discover such a high percentage of African-American pregnancies end in abortion


  • Frankly, I was shocked by those figures. 40% of black women’s pregnancies end in abortion – can that number be right? If so, that is far too many. Perhaps it’s harsh to think of every abortion as representing or being the result of a failure of some kind – medical, educational, financial, social, criminal – something has gone wrong somewhere, at times something tragic.


    Not every pregnancy that ends in abortion starts out unwanted (this is particularly true when a medical issue arises). But it’s not as though a woman would want an abortion – for its own sake, that is, rather than as the less bad thing. Choice is what’s wanted; abortion is not. You can fight hard for choice, in other words, without thinking that having an abortion is a positive or affirming experience. It can’t be fun; it may be pretty miserable. Again, that 40% is just not good. What have all those women been through?

  • Television advertisements for abortion have been put on hold in England, at least temporarily.
  • The trial of Harlan Drake, the man accused of murdering abortion protester Jim Pouillon, is underway and the prosecutors believe they have a motive:
  • A man who has his mother’s name tattooed on his chest was out to avenge her when he killed an anti-abortion activist in a drive-by shooting and then gunned down her former boss in a small MI community, a prosecutor said Monday….
    Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards said Drake’s mother, Kim Staples, expressed “growing displeasure” with Pouillon the day before the shooting because children could see his sign.
    “The defendant decided if Mr. Pouillon was in front of that high school on September 11th, he was going to kill him,” Edwards told the jury. “He told detectives if Mr. Pouillon was there he was going to make sure he wasn’t going to be there again.”

  • Here’s another article about adult stem cells in fat being used in cosmetic surgery, this time in TX.
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