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Before discussing the topic at hand there’s a very real concern. Several days ago a copycat named nextthurs began live tweeting her RU-486 abortion. But she abruptly stopped tweeting 3 nights ago after a couple ominous posts:
live tweeting abortion 10.png
That was the last nextthurs was heard from. I pray she’s ok….

Angie Jackson.jpgBack to the original live tweeting aborter, when I wrote my 1st post about Angie Jackson 8 long days ago, I never dreamed her RU-486 abortion drama would drag on this long.
Neither did she, which will be the topic of my column tomorrow.
As it turns out it appears I am the reason Angie stopped trying to “demystify” her RU-486 abortion by tweeting her headaches, nausea, vomiting, cramps, Vicodin-popping, and bleeding. At 4:27p on February 27 Angie tweeted…
angie last cramp.png
… and wouldn’t you know Angie coincidentally has never tweeted another complaint, save for a persistent backache she blames on “stupid old injuries.” Only 7 hours prior Angie wrote…
live tweeting abortion 8.png
… but then Angie’s 9 days of adverse reactions to her RU-486 abortion magically stopped. Either that or she stopped being honest about what she was undergoing when realizing her complaints didn’t bode well for her choice. You decide.
Whatever, today Angie got an all clear from Planned Parenthood at her follow-up visit, and she’s ready for this to be over…
angie, planned parenthood clear.png
And it’s just as well, because the more Angie tweets about her RU-486 abortion, the more inconsistent her story becomes. Just a little for instance, Angie wrote way back on February 18…
live tweeting abortion 9.png
… and then 10 days later…
angie, embryo encyclopedia.png
So I think it’s smart of Angie to move on, which as I said, she appears ready to do…
live tweeting abortion 11.png
I have a feeling BF has said, “enough.” And I find myself agreeing with the louse. Enough. Angie’s baby is dead. Read the final short installment of Angie’s RU-486 abortion tweets below.
Slide42 live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide43, live tweeting abortion.PNG