Be careful what you attempt to demystify.
At 4:08 p.m. on Feb. 18 micro-blogger Angie Jackson began posting the blow-by-blows of her RU-486 abortion on Twitter. “I took the first pill a little under 2 hours ago,” she tweeted….

The 27-year-old’s intention, she later told ABC News, was to “demystify” RU-486 abortions….
RU-486 abortions are the coming rage, much less hassle for abortion profiteers than surgical abortions. The mother takes an RU-486 pill at the clinic, which kills the baby, and follows up at home with 1 or 2 doses of misoprostol pills to cause contractions to expel the baby. All for $480, as Angie tweeted.
The bonus for abortion clinics is if an RU-486 abortion doesn’t work, which occurs 7.9% of the time according to RU-486’s label, there is no guarantee, so mothers must then undergo and pay for surgical abortions – abortion double-dipping.
Notwithstanding that, along with serious, life-threatening complications that can lead to death, as has happened at least 8 times in the U.S. since RU-486 was legalized in 2000, are RU-486 abortions generally less hassle for aborting moms?

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Jackson thought so, basing her decision on the fact her abortion would… be a “4 hour bleed-out,” as she tweeted beforehand….
But the first rule of demystifying is one must herself be demystified before attempting to demystify. If not, the demystifying process may not go as anticipated, which is what happened in Jackson’s case.
Only because Angie decided to live tweet her RU-486 abortion did we learn in actuality it’s a long, drawn out, painful process. For that reason I thought Angie’s exposé was a worthwhile educational experience for us all….
For 9 days, from Feb. 19-27, Jackson tweeted about such severe cramps she had difficulty walking across the room. She went through 17 Vicodin in 6 days and at a point soon after requesting a prescription for another 20.
Jackson tweeted nausea, vomiting, backaches, headaches and bleeding. 5 days into her abortion experience, Angie commented on another blog, “Honestly I had no idea this would go on so long. I thought the entire abortion would take a few hours, as I’d read in a few stories….”
At the bottom of this column you can read what Jackson’s suffering looked like in real time, where I’ve synopsized the pain of her tweets….

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