Net gain for the sanctity of preborn human life.
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I reported March 31 that despite pro-abort pressure, Lilith Tour organizers had decided to keep several pregnancy care centers and maternity homes on its list of prospective women’s charities to receive proceeds from its multi-city concert tour this summer.
Well, that lasted a whole blink of an eye….

On April 2 Lilith reversed itself, scrubbing several pregnancy cares centers from the list… but also NARAL North Carolina… lol… for not fitting into its revised criteria.
I never expected pccs to ultimately win the coveted $1 per ticket sales in their cities. Voting rules state that while fans will narrow choices down to the top 3, pro-abort Lilith organizers will pick the winners. Stacked deck.
But I did find it interesting that Lilith organizers included 3 pccs and 4* maternity homes in the 1st place, while only including 2 abortion organizations. Here’s the revised list:
PCCs/maternity homes:
A Beacon of Hope Women’s Center, Atlanta, GA
Life Centers, Indianapolis, IN
Maggie’s Place (maternity home), Phoenix, AZ
Metro Women’s Center, Minneapolis, IN
Mother’s Refuge (maternity home), Kansas City, MO
New Beginnings Home* (maternity home/adoption ministry), Seattle, WA
Our Lady’s Inn (maternity home/children’s shelter), St. Louis, MO
The Haven of Grace (maternity home), St. Louis, MO
Abortion mills/organizations:
Feminist Women’s Health Center, Atlanta, GA
(NARAL) Pro Choice North Carolina, Raleigh, NC
(*Lilith incorrectly linked to New Beginnings Home but now links to New Beginnings, a domestic violence shelter.)
Somehow Lila Rose and I became part of the story along the way…
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Like I said, I never anticipated pccs would ultimately benefit from Lilith Tour’s charity donations. I just thought pro-lifers should vote to make a statement.
Bottom line? Lilith Tour’s original inclusion of pccs as charities was a good weird, a momentarily hopeful sign that feminists might be starting to live up to their “pro-choice” moniker.
But I commend Lilith organizers for remaining open to donating ticket proceeds to maternity homes. This is indeed a pro-life inroad as well as an area of discomfort for pro-aborts.
Meanwhile it has been fun watching those pro-aborts get themselves all worked up about the pccs.

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