While I think all abortion industry types are crooks and liars, there are some pro-abort ideologues who I believe are misguided but genuine.
amanda marcotte 7.jpgUntil 2 days ago I had Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon in that category. She’s harsh and anti-Christian, but I thought she was honest.
No more. On April 22 Marcotte wrote a post attacking my first post on the issue of vaccines containing aborted fetal cells potentially causing autism.
I anticipated pushback from the Left on the question of the autism connection (although I don’t know why it’s such a leap when it is commonly believed mercury in vaccines causes autism) but not on the fact that some vaccines indeed did and do contain aborted fetal cells. That’s just a fact. But Marcotte wrote…

And so it wasn’t exactly a surprise to hear that anti-choicers are running with a bullsh** story that vaccines are made with aborted fetuses, and that’s what causes autism. This article and the one it banks off of from Jill Stanek, are both amazing examples of what can be produced when a person has no respect for their audience’s intelligence or the truth. The “evidence” that vaccines are made from aborted fetuses comes from a story about how vaccines are not made from aborted fetuses….
The claim that vaccines are made from aborted fetuses is farcical on its face….
And of course, the aborted fetuses thing is just pure wishful thinking. The assertion that vaccines are made from aborted fetuses is such a weird idea that I don’t imagine the EPA even examined that assertion in the first place….

Marcotte linked to a LifeNews.com story about the swine flue vaccine, which, of course, has nothing to do with childhood vaccinations.
I figured Marcotte had been in a hurry and just skimmed stories to put together her sloppy piece.
So when I wrote my April 28 WorldNetDaily.com column on the same topic I was careful to corroborate that many childhood vaccines are derived from 2 specific aborted babies, providing links the Left would trust, such as to Salon.
So it was with surprise yesterday that I engaged in a Twitter exchange with Marcotte wherein she refused to admit she gave her readers utterly false information (click to enlarge)….
amanda marcotte conversation.jpg
I expect Marcotte could care less to know she really disappointed me. Despite our differences, I gave her the benefit of the doubt as being authentic. No more. Marcotte now falls into the liar and deceiver category.
The question remains what Marcotte now thinks of vaccinations made with aborted human fetal cells, since she thought the suggestion of it was pro-life “wishful thinking,” “weird,” and “farcical.”
By the way, the story of abortionist Krishna Rajanna allegedly eating fetuses came from an affidavit by Kansas City, KS, detective William Howard, Jr., reporting what clinic worker Julia Walton Garcia told him. See Garcia’s photos, submitted into evidence, here.
But I digress.
Yesterday, People for the American Way picked up on my column, which flatters me personally to no end. But I do get aggravated that it and other liberal rags are hitchhiking on Marcotte’s piece and attempting to ridicule what is actually fact: Many childhood vaccines are derived from human fetal cells (click to enlarge)…
people for the american way stanek vaccines fetus.png
If we also know human embryo cells used in research have a will of their own and create havoc in another’s body it is by no means a leap to conjecture that DNA from primitive fetal cells – particularly lung cells, which are among the last to mature in the preborn human body, and which were the source of both human fetal vaccine lines – might also create havoc.
Finally, no study has been conducted to date taking into consideration residual human DNA in vaccines. So it is irresponsible to dismiss the idea, indicating a small mind if not ideological fanaticism that clouds rationale, intelligence, and sound science.

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