Breaking: New pro-life video website launched

Praise God, there will be no more of this…
video has been removed.png
… as we saw when YouTube repeatedly yanked Citizens for a Pro-life Society’s videos documenting what they found in late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s trash in 2008.
And that was just one example of YouTube’s bias against showing the reality of abortion by censoring our videos.
In response, pro-lifer Todd Bullis, of Ventura, CA, activist fame, has created….

The pro-life community has needed this for a long time! Todd is a software developer, saw the need, and filled it. Thank you, Todd!
Any and all pro-lifers can now upload their videos and photos to, just as they would to YouTube, but without fear of being expunged.
Todd has spent weeks adding what pro-life videos he could find on YouTube to give a solid base. One of the videos he found was this disturbing clip, which I had never seen…

This video was originally shot on March 10, 2009, at a Charlotte, NC, abortion mill. Here’s the backstory, from opersvamerica:

Yesterday they [sidewalk counselors] came upon something they have often witnessed at the mills but never got on video – a father forcing his daughter to have an abortion. She was given no choice. So many of the women brought to abortion mills are really given no choice. She ran from the abortion mill and from her father, crying all the way. The father ran after her, chased her down, put her arm in a hammerlock, and forced her back to the mill.
The police were called and brought the entire family to the police station. When the family came back to the mill, our hearts fell as we thought the father had had his way. It was not to be! The father stormed into the abortion mill, got his money back, and sped out of the driveway honking his horn all the way. He was extremely unhappy but mother and baby are doing just fine.
The policeman told us that the father was going to let her carry the baby to term! Praise the Lord!

Thank goodness, this story had a happy ending. Now the pro-life community has a depository for all our videos documenting the horrors of abortion, pro-life activism, and even pro-life music videos at

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  1. Does it have a happy ending? I worry that if the father was forcibly draging his daughter into the clinic against her will, that he has the potential to be abusive in the home and the situation could escalate, especially because of the father’s display of controlling behavior and explosive temmper.

  2. “He was extremely unhappy but mother and baby are doing just fine.
    The policeman told us that the father was going to let her carry the baby to term! Praise the Lord!”

  3. We must be careful to not to solely focus on the baby and forget the mother who carries the child, we need to focus on both her and the baby’s wellbeing.

  4. We must be careful to not to solely focus on saving the baby and forget the mother who carries the child, we need to ensure both her and the baby’s wellbeing.

  5. Dear Rachael C.
    I Cant tell you any more of that girl but i can tell you my story.
    My mom got married at 16 and had me at 16. The only memories of my dad were all bad, he had a very bad temper. He Shot himself and died when I was 6. My mom was going to nursing school and worked full time. My little brother and I dealt with lots of issues growing up.
    The Good news is that their is a God who loved us and helped us. Today I have a wife who loves me soooo much. My kids, 3 of them are doing really well. I still miss my dad sometimes but Christ adopted me lifts me up.
    I am so glad to be alive. The beatings and fear I endured when I was a young child is nothing compared to being aborted. I am so thankful that my mom did not abort me and my brother.
    God is good and he loves his little children i can testifies to that.

  6. Some of the cool features of is you can upload your Pro Life Pictures music and videos.
    If you go to the site and click on pictures you can see things that many of us have never seen before such as tools used in abortion, you can see how evil and cruel abortion really is.
    Youtube has a 10 min limit on videos and has no limit. Upload a 30 min video if you want.
    This site is paid for by donations and all money that is donated is tax free. Site revenues are also used to help with CBR projects here in ventura. If I I dont get donations I will keep this site up myself. Yes it seems that youtube banned a few of my videos also and that is what inspired me to create
    I hope you guys enjoy it.
    I have pulled no punches and many videos that YouTube banned are already on

  7. I assume that the sidewalk counselors have no way to know what happened after the family left, but it’s a happy ending as far as we can know. The fact that the police have gotten involved is certainly positive. Now that she’s seen effective police intervention, she may be more willing to call law enforcement if her dad engages in any further abusive behavior.

  8. Todd, the site is great, and please don’t take this as a huge criticism. But when you link to a YouTube video on Facebook, it automatically embeds, whereas with Pro-lifeTube you have to click on the link and watch the video in a separate window. I think you’ll get more people using Pro-lifeTube if you add the auto-embed feature of YouTube, since so many pro-lifers (especially those my age) network on Facebook. Just a suggestion.

  9. I dont use facebook so i cant test it but has embed code and it allows you to customize your embed code. Can somebody else confirm that it does not work on facebook for me please.

  10. Can you comment on videos on prolifetube? I am all about comments :-)
    I am always baffled about supposed “pro-life” parents who get mad when other pro-lifers hold signs of aborted children. They scream and cry that their kids have to see this. And I always think, your kids, GUARANTEE IT will be pregnant in a few years. Because you obviously have your head in the sand. So you will be ignorant to the fact that your daughter is up in her bedroom with her boyfriend having sex while you sip your cappuccino in the kitchen. And I GUARANTEE she will go off and have an abortion because you never taught your daughter the truth about abortion.
    So why you screamed and cried about protecting your kids from the gruesome truth of abortion, you turned on the tube and let your kids watch a sexualized Miley Cyrus shake her booty and stroke herself. You let your kids watch the latest “action” flick complete with explosions, gore and violence…these parents are FOOLS.

  11. I don’t get it.
    Pro-LifeTube.ORG has been around since early 2008. Now Pro-LifeTube.COM has just been launched.
    This is the kind of URL confusion that leaves one victor and one loser. Can someone explain the difference?

  12. Dear Cranky Catholic.
    I think if you look at the content you will see a bit of a difference. I think a few of my videos might get deleted from the Catholic tube site and that is ok, i am not saying anything bad about the catholic tube site but is a bit more open to more types of videos.

  13. UPDATE
    I asked for prayer for an 18 year old girl who is pregnant. As of today she has only talked to Planned Parenthood. There is a 48 hour waiting period in MN. This girl’s father has threatened to kick her out of the house if she doesn’t have an abortion(now that’s love, right??!!)and her mother has said that it is her decision. She has not had an ultrasound, nor sought out any support from the EXCELLENT PRC’s near her.
    Please pray that she seek out other avenues of support and that she be FULLY INFORMED. She has made up her mind to abort.

  14. Carla…been praying and will continue to do so! I just know if this girl has this baby, the father who threatened to kick her out will fall in-love with his grandchild more than anyone else in the family. I’ve seen it before…the one urging the abortion becomes the one most totally enthralled and in-love with the child. I pray they will welcome this gift and not make the most horrible mistake of their lives. God, have mercy on this family and open their eyes. Bind Satan and his devils and keep them away from this family. Send angels to defend this child and speak to this young mother’s heart. Amen.

  15. Carla: Has she been hostile to hearing about the other options she has, or does she just not know about them?
    Urgh, this is one of those times I wish I was financially independent so I could say, “Tell her she can come live at my house until she figures out something else!”
    I’ve got to do volunteer hours before I graduate from law school, so I’m looking into various crisis pregnancy centers.
    Has anyone heard from Anna or Xalisae recently?

  16. Marauder, I’ve been thinking about them both this week and missing them here. I’ve not heard from either of them.

  17. When you watch a video please comment on it and or rate it. Oh and John i am with you completely, the horror of abortion needs to be seen.

  18. HELP HELP I need more videos of 911 calls or ambulances pickingup the hurt girls getting abortions. Please if you have this type of video please post them.

  19. in Canada an member of Parliament has put forth a bill that would make it illegal to force a woman to have an abortion – that is to coerce a woman.
    Now this is just the sort of thing that you would think feminists might just support right?
    They are critical of the bill because they say it could restrict abortions.
    You see, they are not about choice.
    They are about abortion and only abortion no matter what.

  20. To Todd: Technical issues with Blogger
    When I try to customize it so that it doesn’t play automatically upon opening the page, I get a message that the post can’t be saved as the embed code isn’t closed (or something to that effect). Just wanted to advise. If someone were to post multiple clips in a series of posts, they’d all start playing at the same time. Perhaps the default should be that there is no automatic play.

  21. Hi, Kelsey! :) I don’t tell anyone on the Internet stuff like where I go to school – nothing personal, just don’t want the information out there so trolls can find it if they want to.

  22. “The policeman told us that the father was going to let her carry the baby to term!”
    Hi Carla,
    I don’t believe the father of the pregnant girl or the father or the unborn child has a say in whether this baby will be born or not so this man is not ‘letting’ his daughter do anything. He is using mindgames and physical strength to bully her and I am so proud that she was strong enough to hold her ground.
    I’m praying that this young mother and baby will be safe. I’m also praying that she will find it in her heart to someday forgive her obviously abusive father (I know from experience how very hard this is to do).
    I hope the guilt this man may feel when he sees his grandbaby will cause him to profusely apologize to his daughter for the heartache he has brought to his family.
    What was I previously said about proabort males being abusive and controlling? Actually just being a proabort is all about abuse and control.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  23. Just dropping in between work shifts…
    Todd Bullis,
    Please don’t misunderstand. By no means am I advocating abortion in this situation. Rather I am saying that as pro-lifers, our concern for the unborn and her mother’s safety should continue even once the baby is saved.

  24. I’m just wondering if the father was so angry because HE was the one who impregnated his daughter, and he wanted to “get rid of the evidence” so-to-speak.

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